How to Make a Minimalist Wooden House

The unique design of modern minimalist wooden house is generally only made simple but classic and beautiful with the concept of environmentally friendly. The advantages of small wooden house model is still have minimalist modern artistic value. With a unique style of the latest home model, hopefully making it able to provide a sense of comfort and safe for residents.

How to make a small minimalist wooden house simple, still have to pay attention to which model will be carried, traditional, Japanese style and western to modern wooden house Malaysia. You need a lot of recommendations and inspiration for the construction of modern minimalist wooden house as expected as a coveted residence. Generally small wooden houses, simple and modern use of teak wood, which is famous for its solid foundation as the main ingredient. And will be more perfect if wooden interior minimalist house also applied. Including walls, roofs and poles, utilizing raw materials from wood, and of course also for windows, doors, to the floor and a small home fence applies.

Stages of Making Wooden Houses

Making wooden houses can be done with simple steps and produce a sturdy, comfortable, beautiful design, and of course with economical cost. Here are some steps on how to Make a Minimalist Wooden House, please be observed:

  1. There are data on land for making wooden houses and a list of plans.
  2. Determination of the shape / structure of the house in the form of sketches or drawings.
  3. Calculation of the wooden structure needed to determine the dimensions and
  4. wood quality. The quality of wood here includes a safe and economical type of wood and is used to    fit on structural parts    such    as roof house hoops, columns, and beams.
  5. Make sketches or drawings detail the minimalist wooden house structure adjusted with the results obtained previously calculations.
  6. Calculation of Building Budget Plan (RAB).
  7. Procurement of building materials as a whole and conservation efforts.
  8. The process of building a wooden house using the best work system according to design drawings that have been determined.

Maintenance and maintenance of the house of destructive things such as leaky roofs or insects that can damage wood.

Term of Building Wooden House

Building a large wooden house of either large size or minimalist wooden houses will require certain requirements that will make the wooden house look perfect, beautiful, and comfortable to stay. In order to make the wooden house more solid, nice and beautiful we must be able to meet several requirements for the manufacture of wooden houses as follows:

Wood House Location

The location where the wooden house to be built should be free of elements that can damage the wood material to make wooden houses more durable and durable. For example, we should not build a wooden house on the edge or near the sea because seawater contains substances that can permanently damage the wood.

Selection of Wood Type For Wooden House

Selection of quality wood species greatly affects the life of the strength and service of the wooden house building itself. For that type of wood used to be tailored to the values ​​of the function at the same time we want to show the beautiful architecture of the wooden house.