You are clergy person, church board member or administrator, you know how much work goes into developing and managing your congregation and its property. So much of your time is spent in planning worship, programming and providing pastoral counseling and care, it is easy to forget about more mundane things such as insurance.

However, there are several reasons why it makes sense for your church to have comprehensive insurance coverage and to review it regularly:

General Liability

Your house of worship likely has many people, including worshippers, church employees and visitors walking in and out of its doors at all hours of the day. In addition, if your church houses a daycare center, soup kitchen or other facilities, there are even more people in and around your building.

While all of this activity is good, it also increases the risk that somebody may be injured on your property. General liability insurance protects your congregation in case you are sued by an employee or visitor after an accident.

Fraud and Theft

It is unfortunate fact of life that some dishonest people strive to integrate themselves into religious congregations in hopes of committing fraud or theft. In cases where churches have fallen victim to theft of property or embezzlement of funds, it is sometimes someone within the congregation who is well known and trusted who is the perpetrator. Insurance coverage in case of fraud or theft can help a congregation rebound more quickly after a financial or property crime.

Sexual Abuse

While most congregations take steps to protect children and vulnerable people against abusers, the reality is is that some predators do fall through the cracks. In situations where a church employee or volunteer has abused someone, the victim or the victim’s family may file a lawsuit. Insurance can protect the congregation against financial devastation during a very difficult time.


All buildings are vulnerable to damage by both natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, as well as arson and other man-made causes. Your congregation can protect its investment in its building by making sure that it has adequate insurance coverage for building damage and loss.

Researching church insurance in Wesley Chapel FL may be a daunting task, but doing so can provide peace of mind your congregation so that all of your members and clergy and focus on your church’s main mission.

By lucille