Choosing Your Vacation Rental: 3 Considerations

Many people dream of owning a vacation home but it can seem impractical to spend such a large amount on something you will use just a few weeks a year. Fortunately, short-term rental websites have changed the landscape and made vacation home ownership possible and often quite profitable. There are three main things to keep in mind as you search for your ideal vacation home.


This is real estate so naturally the most important consideration is location. Search for a vacation rental property only in places you want to spend time. If you love to golf and your family loves the beach, look for bald head island rentals. Make sure you are close to fun year-round attractions so the location will  have a broad appeal to your family and to renters. Remember to take into account travel time and expense. Select a locale that will be easy to get to; you don’t want to spend days of precious vacation time en route if you don’t need to.

Activities for Renters

The best properties offer a variety of activities and amenities. However, no property will appeal to everyone so target your intended demographic: families, pet owners, couples, solo travelers? If the house is located within an hour’s drive of theme parks the location will naturally draw families, while being near a lake or stream may bring fishing enthusiasts. Many people are finding they benefit most from pure relaxation on their holiday, so stock a shelf with books and hang a hammock on a porch or balcony.

Services for Buyers

Just as you want a property that offers great amenities for your renters, you will also appreciate having services available to you. Some properties are tailor-made for short-term lodging, with onsite management available and local businesses that specialize in cleaning and maintenance of vacation rentals. Even if no formal arrangements exist, it can be beneficial to buy in an area around other rentals to avoid neighbor complaints.

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