Christian service is not a vocational school. furthermore, those who minister do not claim to be paid have done more and are at the forefront of putting the gospel ahead of people who are paid or paid. Under Ephesians 4:21 the paid servants should not do all the service for themselves but to “equip the saints for the work of ministry for the building up of the body of Christ” as his pastor told him that he would help these people from The Lord prepares to advance in their work for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ over the coming year in conjunction with the International Pastor and Partners Conference (IPPC) organized by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A Church contains members who work as lawyers, doctors, construction workers, engineers, teachers, businessmen and businessmen. That’s why, as a Christian org you should think carefully and wisely about how Christians work every day. Below are five simple suggestions for Christians who are overworked in the work of shepherds:

1. Do your job as well as possible

As creatures created in the image of God, we have been given the privilege of producing attitudes/behaviors that glorify God as creators. In Genesis 1: “everything God created is good.” Although humans do not create anything, everything we do should be done with the best we can. We are created according to the image of God and He does everything well.

2. Working for the needs of your family and loved ones or caring

Work will please God if the result of the work is used to meet the needs of family and others. Paul writes to 1 Tim 5: 8 “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, let alone his household, the apostate is worse and worse than the unbelieving.”

Paul says that failure in fulfillment for family needs means to have denied the Christian faith. The truth of the gospel is closely related or closely related to our work. If our work fails to meet the needs of our families, then the relationship is broken.

3. Working because God uses humans to bless

Work is important because God often uses people’s work to bless others. Gene Veith writes: “the ability to read the word of God is an unspeakable precious blessing, but the ability to teach God’s word is not fully formed in the minds of young people, it requires the gift of a teacher. God protects us through the work of the police in defeating and the complete weaponry of the legal system. He gives the beauty and meaning of the artist’s work. He lets us pass through the rails of a car mechanic, a road worker, a plane worker, He keeps us clean through garbage work, plumbers, cleaning workers, and sometimes unknown people who clean our hotel rooms. He brings people into conversion through the shepherd and through those who preach the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the lost. fast-food workers, inventors, clerks, scientists, accountants, musicians: They all have “the noble call that God uses to bless and serve His people and creation (God at Work: Your Christian Vocation In All of Life, 14-15).

4. Working knowing that the end result depends on God

The limits of cause and effect are more blurred than can be seen. We often do not know the long effect of our work. Martin Luther sees that faith greatly affects the way we think about work.

“Work and let Him give fruit to Him! Arrange and let Him make it prosperous! Fight and let Him give you the victory! Preach and let Him turn a heart into obedience! Get married and let Him give you a child! Eat and drink and let Him give you health and strength! Next will follow like that, whatever we do, He will affect everything through us and only to Him of all glory (As quoted in Veith, God At Work, 152).

5. Work to give

Paul writes in Ephesians 4:28 “he who stealeth not steals any more, but let him work hard and do good works with his own hands so that he may give something to the needy.”

Paul not only supports the work but commands it, and he commands it for reasons – so that we can benefit to help others meet needs.

By lucille