Real estate investment software can make money for any agent or investor engaged in real estate investing. First, because it significantly reduces the amount of time it would take for anyone to create a rental property cash flow analysis or marketing package manually. You benefit because the software calculates all the cash flows and key rates of return and then creates the required reports for you automatically.
The investment software knows what data is required to create a sound cash flow analysis and/or marketing report. Just fill in the forms. The program will work behind-the-scenes making the calculations, processing the data, and then post it into the APOD, Proforma Income Statement, Rent Roll, Executive Summary, graphs, and other reports.
There are no formulas to learn, no spreadsheets to format, no calculations to make, and in fact, no functions of real estate investing to understand. So the results are immediate, correct, and professional-quality within minutes; thereby saving you days (probably weeks and months) of hard labor trying to duplicate what the better real estate investment software solutions already provide at a minimal cost.
A number of features are also provided by investment software solutions you could not program for yourself without mastering a computer language such as VBA (visual basic for applications). For example, you would not be able to include your own toolbar for easy navigation, have a print preview or printing function, or other unique functions like instantaneously inserting and sizing a picture into your reports.
So you make money by saving the time of having to do it yourself, plus you get the benefit of specially-designed tools, functions, and features that makes any rental property cash flow analysis fast, easy, and worry-free.
Moreover, you are given the potential of making money thanks to the reports created by real estate investment software.
Real estate investors, for instance, can save thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars by making wiser investment choices due to the bottom-line numbers in the reports. The software is intended to insure that all facts, figures and numbers are presented concisely and correctly and in a manner that can be easily evaluated and understood by anyone. So investment opportunities can be evaluated and compared with less potential for error.
Real estate agents and brokers also have the potential of making money due to the reports. Having the ability to run rental property cash flow, rate of return, and profitability numbers inside quality presentations is a proven way for agents to impress and capture investor loyalty (whether for investing or selling). Why, because the investor will perceive the software as a conscious effort made by the agent to engage in real estate investing and to service rental property. I discovered years ago that investors are much more prone to work with agents they perceive as really caring about how the investor spends their money.
Selecting the right real estate investment software is, of course, “where the rubber meets the road”. So take your time. Understand what your needs are and then look for those options that best suit your real estate investing business objective. At the end of the day, regardless what software program you choose, your time and effort will be rewarded and your business will grow and prosper as a result. Here’s to your success.

By lucille