Mold is a dangerous thing for your health and the health of your family. Everyone living under the roof where this kind of damage has happened, need to react fast and get rid of it. If you let it spread, it may be too late to clean it up easily, and you’ll need to take more serious measures.

Not letting this happen is crucial. If you see a little mold in some of the corners of your home, be sure that there’s something wrong and you need to take action. If you let it like that, it will grow and take over the home.

What is mold?

It appears in the corners of the room on the highest parts because that’s the place where moisture accumulates. The reason why it appears there is because in the moisture there are bacterial fungi that glue to your walls and very soon start to reproduce.

The reason why it first appears there is because the moisture is ideal for their growth. Bacteria live in hot and humid places, and our homes are hot throughout the year, but they are not supposed to be humid. If there’s not enough air circulation, then this is ideal for the growth of mold. See in more details about what it is here.

How to prevent it?

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a humidity apparatus and measure how much is it at all times. The humidity in the air mustn’t be over 60%. If it is, the best thing to do is to put on your air conditioner or create an airflow that will disperse the humid air.

If you noticed, the first place to see mold is in the bathroom where you shower with hot water and the kitchen where you cook your mails. Boiling water evaporates and is perfect for reproducing these bacteria.

What to do if you already have it?

The procedure is fairly simple if we’re talking about a smaller area that was infected. For example, if you have one corner of your bathroom wall filled with mold, you can handle the problem yourself. You just need to know what tools and solutions you need.

The first thing you need to do is to air the room. Make sure it’s dry. Then, you need to use a heavy-duty cleaner, bleach, and an oil-based primer. The rest of the tools and equipment like gloves, mask, goggles and these types of stuff go without saying and we won’t waste time on them.

What to do if the problem is more severe?

The best thing to do is call a professional mold damage cleanup company that knows how things work. If your entire home is taken over by mold, then you should approach it more seriously. Calling the pros to handle the problem is the only solution as no matter how hard you try, the moisture will keep coming back.

These guys will handle the problem for now, but if you don’t make changes, you’ll need to call them again. That’s why it’s best to take action for prevention and future issues. Make sure that you install another window that will create a breeze for example.

Another highly recommendable solution is to call a home inspector that will check the roof and the walls. Somewhere might be a leak that creates moisture on the other side of the wall. If you don’t see the problem, you can’t fix it, but if you locate it, then it will be easier to fix it.

Some people have to tear down entire roofs and rebuild them again because they were not made with perfect quality. Sometimes entire walls need to be taken down to be found the problem. A pipe that is leaking inside the wall might never show itself, but the mold will always be there.

Why mold is dangerous?

If you continue living like that and ignore the problem, you’ll find yourself trapped in a hazardous home. People suffer tremendously by living in these kinds of endangered objects. Mold affects the lungs and creates severe illnesses that are hard to be cured.

Sometimes, they even have fatal consequences. This is why you shouldn’t play with it and handle the problem immediately. Click here to see why it is dangerous:


With the information listed above, you understand what things must be undertaken and what you must not allow happening to live freely and safely. If it happens to find mold in your home, first take a look at where the problem might be, and then start solving it.

If you can’t do it yourself or it keeps coming back, it’s time to call for backup. Call the pros to find the problem, and call a mold damage cleanup company to take it away thoroughly.

By lucille