Real estate investment clubs are a great way for the newbie investor to learn how the business of flipping homes really works. These clubs, if created correctly can offer you tones of expert advice as well as free PR and If you’re new to the flip business or maybe you’re interested in getting started – joining a real estate investment club is crucial to your success.
A good R.E. investment club will know what’s going on in your city and how the market conditions are doing. They should be up to date with what areas of your city are selling fast and what area’s to stay away from. Knowing everything there is to know about your city of choice is crucial to your R.E. investment success because you always need to remember, every market in every city is completely different. What goes on in Las Vegas versus Texas is a whole other ball game. It’s two different investment worlds – meaning the way you buy and sell your properties is completely different. Another great reason for you to join your local R. E. investment clubs is you can meet and associate with tons of professionals. This is crucial to you, especially if you have no experience in investing. You could literally build your entire team just by showing up to these meetings and introducing yourself.
What types of people can you expect to meet at these R.E. investment club?
Below is a list of what to look for in a good real estate investment club:
• Other Real Estate Investors
• Title and Escrow Companies
• Hard Money Lenders
• Private Money Lenders
• Brokers
• Lenders
• Bankers
• Contractors
• Sub-Contractors
• Realtors
• REO Realtors
• City Officials
• RE Lawyers
• Special Guests – RE Gurus
You can also get to know and meet who the big time players in your city are. More importantly than meeting them is you can learn from one of these pro’s and possibly even get mentored for free. All is possible if you just open your mouth and introduce yourself. Always have a business card handy, dress professional, and most importantly be honest.
Note: If your new and have never flipped a home just be honest with the people you meet. Tell them your new to the world of flipping and are there to learn how the business really works. Trust me, a real investor can tell right away if you’re a seasoned player or just a would by talker. So, always be honest.
A good R.E. investment club normally meets once a month for about an hour or so. Try to always be there on time and mingle with as many people as you can. The more people see you and talk to you, the more they’ll be willing to open up and give you a helping hand. Hand out your business cards and in return ask for theirs. Keep a database of all the cards you collect and as you need them you can pull them out and give them a call. A good real estate investment club can catapult your real estate investment business straight to the top.

By lucille