South Korean Traditional house seen in Korean films generally have a simple yet charming impression. A house with a typical Korean feel is recommended enough to be its own inspiration that can be applied to Pins’ dream house in Indonesia. Pins can still have a comfortable and pleasant home even with a limited area.

Korean Traditional House

Surely Pins had wanted to have a typical Korean house that looked warm and comfortable as seen in many Korean films today, right? Pins can make it happen by applying some of the inspiration that we will share below.

South Korean Traditional House

Having a home that is comfortable and relaxing is the dream of all families. One of the inspirations for houses that have the impression of being comfortable to live in is a traditional South Korean house. Here are some recommendations for inspiration for typical South Korean house designs to be applied in Pins’ dream house.

1. Warm and Calm Home Design

Pins, to build a house that is similar to a typical Korean design, you should avoid choosing colors with a cold impression. That’s because the color is very far from the impression of a warm and calm Korean house. Choose beige and brown colors that give the impression of being warm, comfortable and at the same time calming the occupants of the house.

2. Korean House Minimalist Type

The next inspiration is Korean house inspiration with a minimalist type that Pins can get by choosing simple materials. Like wood, for example, many Korean houses are built using wood as the main material with a simple finish. Pins should minimize the use of unnecessary ornaments so that the house still feels spacious.

3. Traditional Hanok house inspiration

The house with this design is a type of traditional Korean house. The shape of this house itself is quite unique and distinctive, especially on the roof, while for the materials used, the colors and shapes it has are quite interesting to use. This type of house is very suitable to be built on limited land.

Hanok houses can not only be imitated by imitating the roofing. Pins, sometimes many think that the roof of a traditional Hanok house is too complicated, so they imitate other parts of a typical Hanok house such as the use of wood materials and the walls of the house made of materials such as paper layers called Hanji.

4. Korean traditional house with a modern feel

Many want to imitate a typical Hanok house, a typical South Korean house, but are constrained by the design which is quite complicated to implement. So Pins can imitate some parts of Hanok’s house and then make it a house that has a simpler design but is combined with a modern feel. Like by making a semi-permanent house, with walls and windows that are full of wood.

The choice of floor material can also use warm and strong wood. One of the characteristics of Hanok is like a wall partition made of a combination of wood and paper to be a decoration as well as a dividing wall in the living room or living room.

5. Modern Korean Traditional House

The application of modern designs combined with traditional Korean-style houses can also be done easily. Pins only need to pay attention to some details, such as making windows with large window designs, neatly arranging several corners of the house, bright enough lighting and so on.

The application of wood materials and warm colors that are chosen to be part of the house will make the house feel uniquely Korean even with a modern touch in it.

6. Inspiration for a minimally furnished house

Have you ever envied a typical South Korean house that always looks neat and charming? The key is in the arrangement of the interior of the house, which is attempted to minimize the placement of unnecessary furniture. For example, in the dining room, Pins will only find furniture in the form of a dining table with thin pillows used as a seat when eating.

Choosing a dining table with a low height, where residents of the house will eat while sitting cross-legged or lying down has become one of the habits of Korean society. After the eating activity is complete, the pillows can be stacked together, then placed in a closed place.

Again with the arrangement of the bedroom space, many Korean houses use floor mattresses that are spread directly on the wooden floor. Instead of using a cot or bed, using a floor mattress can also make the room feel more spacious because when not in use, the floor mattress can be rolled up and put in a closet. Simple isn’t it Pins?

Then, in the manufacture of a typical Korean house should always use wall paint colors with warm shades? Not always, because Pins can also use other colors such as dark colors. Those are some inspirations for making traditional South Korean houses. visit

By lucille