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6 Personal Attributes That Affect Your Real Estate Investing Style

What is your personal real estate investing style?
In order to answer this question, it is important to take a look at the attributes that affect your investing style – and ultimately your investment strategies. Every investor is different, and by realizing that who we are as individuals affects our investment style, we will become better and stronger investors with clearer goals and a more definitive plan.
There are 6 main attributes that will help you gain a better understanding of your real estate investment style. Consider the following attributes and think about how they impact your views on real estate investments:
1. Lifestyle – Do you have time to self-manage, or do you need a property manager?
2. Perspective on life – Do you want to travel, do you have a purpose to fulfill in life, etc.?
3. Personality – Are you good with people, or would you prefer …

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What Four Factors Affect Real Estate Value?

Your house with a view
With all items being genuinely comparable, the house with your best scenery will probably triumph. On the other hand, from just a re-sale standpoint you cannot assume all promising buyers are prepared to pay the additional cash to get a pleasant view, especially when there are very similar properties right around the corner when it comes to overall size, age range, conveniences, lot dimension, etc. While awesome as a outlook is, when you are a home seller, you might wind up having to lower your price in order to contend with these other related sales. Bottom line, do not offer a great deal additional for good scenery, unless it’s that ocean-side view or even an amazing landscape.
Landscape designs and yard
While it’s true a large number of what people are buying is the real estate alone, the significance of the lot as well as …