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Why it is a Historic Buying Opportunity For Real Estate Investors

Before I get into the 10 success secrets, let’s talk about real estate and what’s going on in the market today. This is from an article I just wrote a couple weeks ago about what are going on in the real estate business.
All of you are aware of the tremendous impact that the financial crisis has had on the real estate market. The sales have plummeted. New home sales have really fallen off a cliff. The no-money down mortgages are a thing of the past. It will probably be our lifetime before we see them again.
Current Changes in the Market
There are tremendous changes going on in the real estate market. One of the major things that’s happening right now is that the homeowner percentage, that is the percentage of people that own a home hit a peak in 2005 at about 70%.
This took an extraordinary effort …

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Your Other Check List When Buying a New House

Are you looking to buy a new house soon? The market is definitely a buyer’s market and you can get a lot of house for a lot less money compared to 1-2 years ago. However, it does not matter when you move – you still have to pay extra attention to the house and the surroundings. Most people look only at the house itself, maybe at the land that comes with it, but often that is it.
There are a lot of hidden values or traps included when buying a new house. It is very important to look around in the neighborhood to determine how great the new place is really. Why? Because what if you buy the house and have neighbors from hell?! What if the house next door is a rental and is occupied by a gang of 7 college kids that party all the time – especially …

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Terminology You Should Know When Buying, Selling Or Investing in Real Estate

Common Property Terminology you need to know when selling, buying or investing in real estate.
For newcomers to property investing or home buying, the jargon can get slightly confusing. I have compiled some commonly used words and terms to help you on your property journey.
Cash flow positive:
This is when you have a cash-flow positive investment where the incoming are more than your outgoings after tax-deductible items have been claimed. You receive more rent than your mortgage repayments, plus you are still ahead after taking into account items such as interest on the loan, maintenance, insurance, land tax, rates etc.
Capital Gains Tax is the tax you pay when you sell an investment property and you have made a profit.
Cooling Off Period:
This is the period of time given to purchasers to legally withdraw from buying a property. The length of time varies in each of the …

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What to Consider Before Buying Investment Rental Property

When you start considering investing in rental property, the normal focus is only on the purchase price of the property. A common belief is that once the property is purchased, the hard part is over. Actually the reverse is true. The easy part is the purchase, the hard part is after the purchase. Before you sign on the dotted line, here is what to consider before buying investment rental property.
Don’t assume that every rental property will produce enough income to pay for the mortgage. You must research your purchase price, the rental rates in your area, and normal vacancy rates. If you are needing the property to pay for itself, do your calculations carefully, and add a little bit of wiggle room to make sure you’re covered. It can be a terrible feeling to buy a property expecting to see income, and instead having it pull from your savings …

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How Long You Should Wait Before Buying an Investment

There are so many people who are thinking of investing in real estate, but they have so many questions in mind that prevent them from taking the very first step. One of the most frequently asked question is “How long should I wait before buying an investment?” People who asked these are those who are already sure of getting into the real estate investment business, but not certain of how long they should wait and when they should buy their first investment.
I want to stress out that buying an investment needs a lot of preparation. It brings a lot of pressure especially for new investor that is why it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into. Investing requires a lot of thinking and a lot of doing. Crunching numbers is just one of them. You think you can handle this? I want to make sure …