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How to Rent Quickly by Pointing People to Your Property With Directional Signs

We do a lot of directional signs too. Directional signs are the little signs that are about 24″ across, 6″ high and they’re red and they have a white arrow. In that white arrow, you could write something. Not a lot, but you can write maybe the house number or the street name, whatever.
The key is to take those directional signs and work your way back to the major street sources. If your property is on a small little side street, go out to the intersection where the main road and side road come together and put some pointer signs on trees or whatever you’ve got to do.
Everybody that drives by sees the pointer signs, then they’ll drive into your side street and then see the signs on your house. If you don’t go out there and get pointer signs you simply will never get the traffic. That’s …