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Understanding IRA Real Estate Investment Guidelines

IRA real estate investment guidelines are vital to understand if you want to include properties in your IRA. While the government doesn’t prohibit the purchase of property with individual retirement accounts, there are regulations that need to be followed and prohibited transactions that, if violated, can lead to the annihilation of your IRA.
While section 408 of the IRS code allows individuals to purchase specific types of properties with IRA funds, selling property to or buying property from an IRA is a prohibited transaction. When looking to add property investments, it is best to find a real estate IRA, or a company that allows individuals to use their IRA funds for these non-traditional transactions. If you are comfortable with making all decisions regarding your account and looking to cut costs, a self-directed real estate IRA gives you complete control over the investments of your retirement account.
IRA real estate investment …

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Real Estate Investment Tips For Single Family Rentals

With a slowing economy most homeowners find that they are quickly losing equity in their homes and some owe more than their house is worth. Savvy investors see this as an opportunity to create wealth by building up an inventory of homes that can later be sold for a profit. Most real estate wealth is built when prices bottom out. Consider those that acquired California real estate in the 60’s and lackluster economy of the 70’s, homes were sold for as low as $15,000 only to be worth $300,000 10 years later.

As with any other investment real estate investors understand that there are risks involved. Unlike stocks, real estate prices don’t usually bottom out to one penny regardless of how low real estate prices go. Historically real estate has kept a reasonable percentage of its value even in a declining housing market. Stocks on the other hand can go …

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Real Estate Investment Can Generate Income in Various Ways

Basic definition of real estate is “an interest in land’. The word interest can either mean an ownership interest or a leasehold interest. When you are planning your investments, you should find out what kind of exposure is appropriate for your situation. Different exposures produce varying levels of risk and return.
Different types of real estate are:
Private market
Public market
Equity and Debt Investments
Investment Selection Matrix
Investment can generate income in the form of rent, lease or achieve capital appreciation. Involves immovable property like land and everything that is permanently attached to it, such as buildings.
There are five ways to participate in market.
Investment is done with an aim to rent the property to tenant. Owner can earn money in the form of rent from the tenant but owner is responsible for paying the mortgage taxes and other costs attached to the property. In addition, owner also …

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Real Estate Investment Tips

Real estate investing is defined as the purchase, ownership, management and rental, of properties for the idea of obtaining a profit. However there are a lot of people that are finding it difficult to invest mainly because it does require a lot of disposable cash that they do not have. Well if you are looking at becoming a real estate investor you need to be sure that you are determined and flexible. There are also a few other tips that you should now that will help you become a successful and profitable real estate investor.
One of the very first things that you should take time to consider is if you are looking at either making a long term or a short term decision. With the current status of the economy today a lot of investors are leaning more towards the long term investment because as they continue to make …

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So Now That You’ve Closed on Your Investment, What’s Next?

You may already know the scenario. The momentum builds up, your paperwork is all in place after rushing for last minute signatures, etc., you overnight your package in and without you even having to be there, you are the proud owner of a new addition to your real estate portfolio. Now that the smoke clears and everyone goes home from the closing table, you may be left with the question, “Now What?”
After all the adrenaline and getting to the closing table which takes a lot of patience, attentiveness, organization, etc., you may feel a bit of a let down. Not to worry! Amongst all the excitement of now being the proud parent of a new born project (at least new for your portfolio), you should not forget that there are still items and tasks that need your attention.
After you leave the closing table (if …