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John P. Erricsson, a veteran of the American Civil War who had served directly below General-in-Chief of the Union Army, Ulysses S. Grant, was rewarded with a federal land grant of 500 acres on Lake Ivanhoe in 1875 by then President Grant. A short sale is exactly where the bank agrees to accept much less than the full quantity owed as payment in complete on the mortgage in order to get the home sold and avoid a foreclosure. At 41 residences for sale the 140,000-159,999 price tag category had 1 of the largest numbers of units. The 200,000-249,999 cost category saw 1 of the greatest numbers of homes for sale at 195 units. Put that figure in the Craigslist Ad and then wait, in the meantime go and appear at other houses that are for sale in your neighborhood, see how they evaluate.

Matt Heisler is a Realtor and owner …