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Residential Property Management – How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

We have several balance sheet accounts. We have assets, cash, receivables – rent that’s not been paid but is due – supplies, pre-paid rent, the value of your building less accumulated depreciation, and then you have equipment. There are some other accounts that in theory you could put in here, but it’s really not required.
Liability Accounts
Then we have what are called liability accounts. These are your accounts payable. These include salaries payable, taxes payable – real estate or even income taxes. If you have a mortgage on your property, mortgage payments, you would set it up as a liability.
The third compartment of all balance sheets is your equity. Your owner’s equity and the amount maybe you’ve taken out of your business.
These are a basic, fundamental set of chart of accounts that you can take and can incorporate into your balance sheet. Things like Quicken and …

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Major Factors Behind the Residential Real Estate Investment Principal’s Success

If you have had the opportunity to read “Good to Great” you are familiar with the hedgehog concept. This is the idea that the most successful companies select and manage to a set of self enforcing values and driving principles. In so doing their success becomes something of a self fulfilling practice. Principals and their investments are much the same. Although because of the narrowness of the subject areas these self fulfilling concepts are perhaps more easily identified.
Successful principals are narrowly focused on a set of characteristics that define successful projects for them. Characteristics could include age of the property, construction type, amenities or lack thereof, location factors, traffic factors, number of units, required or potential improvements.
Successful principals have a management approach that parallels and supports the project plan. For example, the management could be heavily sales focused with larger than normal advertising budgets, additional sales training, and …

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Key Financial Factors For a Residential Real Estate Investment

Investors are often easily wowed by the financial characteristics of a prospective investment. However, shiny exciting numbers are fraught with risk. Instead, investors should focus on a few basic characteristics to select and make investments in the real estate markets.

Before we jump into what to look at, a discussion of what to avoid deserves attention. Investment plans that rely on the unproven even for a specific project should be avoided by smaller investors. To be clear, I am not saying that all such plans are bad investments. In fact, many are superior investments. However, for smaller investors (though possibly quite sophisticated, this requires resources and a tolerance for potential loss that many aren’t armed to support. So, to continue, avoid the following:

Investments that are not based on a long standing established revenue and expense profile.

Investments that project new revenue based on changes that are not in place …

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Residential Property Investors Are Being Robbed

Residential Property Investors Are Being Robbed
Residential property has a proven track record as reliable security in fact it is the most favoured security for finance by the banks as is demonstrated by the interest rate offered as opposed to any other asset class and also the loan to value ratios offered. Yet this excellent asset class has been placed with major restrictions when it comes to one’s own personal superannuation fund. I will demonstrate that superannuation contributors who understand the merits of residential investment have been given a bum steer, in fact they have being robbed by the financial planning boards and policy makers.
Consider for one moment where all the superannuation investment funds are directed and then ask, who are the people with the most money and clout to direct where the money goes and then consider where the people are from who has the ears of the …

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Residential And Commercial Real Estate Comparisons

Retail and industrial are both deemed ‘commercial genuine estate’ (as opposed to ‘residential actual estate’). A substantial wave of commercial mortgage defaults would trigger economic harm that could touch the lives of nearly every American. Industrial house values have fallen much more than 40 percent considering that the starting of 2007. Despite the fact that banks with more than $10 billion in assets hold over half of industrial banks’ total commercial real estate whole loans, the mid-size and smaller banks face the greatest exposure.

Credit risk can lead to loan defaults prior to maturity such defaults generally happen when a loan has adverse equity and money flows from the property are insufficient to service the debt, as measured by the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR). The commercial real estate industry is shifting to an overpriced marketplace, specially for core properties in the top markets, stated true estate analysis firm Situs …