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A Tribute To My Parents And The Song, The Prayers Of St. Francis

My parents, David Jamili Katague and Paz Barrido Balleza have been simple men and women, but proud of their kids accomplishments. Public notice is hereby offered that all such actual property to be sold at public auction is purchased as is and might be subject to a federal tax lien that may possibly not be extinguished by the sale, and purchasers of any such true property are urged to search the federal tax lien index that is kept by the county recorder to figure out if notice of a federal tax lien has been filed with respect to any such real property.

So you have to know the parcel quantity of the property that you are interested in. The auctioneer will state the minimum bid, the tax judgment plus advertisement fees, and ask for an opening bid. The mortgage foreclosed properties will be the first properties sold the tax foreclosed …