When you need to have your vehicle transported there are several important questions that you need to ask to make sure that your car arrives safely.  Although the cost of the service is obviously very important, here are several important questions you should ask about any auto shipping company that you are thinking about hiring to move your car.

Will my car be handled with care?

Whenever you are having your car shipped, you are not just simply having a vehicle moved.  It also involves having one of your most valuable assets transported.  Not only is your car one of your most expensive possessions but it serves a critical function of providing transportation for you to get to work, run errands and other important functions. That is why it is essential to ensure that the auto transport company you hire handles your vehicle carefully.  So make sure the shipping company has practices in place to ensure that your car is not damaged or stolen during the transportation process.

Is the auto transport company respectful of your time and of you?

Make sure that the people you speak to and deal with from the car shipping company are helpful and courteous and listen to your specific needs.  Find out if they pick your vehicle up or if you will need to drop it off.  Do they answer all of your questions?  Are they courteous to you? How you are treated when you are getting the service set up can be a strong indication of how you and your car will be treated throughout the entire transportation process.

How Long Will It Take The Auto Transport Company To Ship Your Car?

The longer you will be without your vehicle, the more money or hassles you will need to spend on having to rent a car or arrange for transportation.  Find out when the expected delivery date is and check to ensure that the auto shipping company has a proven track record for delivering vehicles on time.

Is The Auto Moving Service Highly Rated?

Check for reviews online and consumer rating organizations such as the Better Business Bureau for feedback on the transportation company.  Pay attention to what actual users of the service say in their reviews about the drivers, office staff, on-time delivery and if they are repeat customers.

There are many auto transport services that are available.  You also can often get a free quote by simply filling out an online form.  However, don’t just stop there.  Make sure to do your research using the suggestions above and speak with staff at the actual companies you are considering to ensure that you find a reputable auto shipping company to transport your vehicle.

By lucille