When it comes to decorating our homes for the holidays, a lot of us dread having to dig our decorations out of storage. It’s not because we hate decorating, but rather because we know that the decorations are going to be in a total state of disarray. Here are some tips on how you can store and organize your holiday decorations the smart way.

Invest In Containers

Cardboard boxes might seem like a cheap storage solution, but they’re really not ideal for the task. Cardboard boxes aren’t airtight, allowing dust and even insects to get into your decorations. Furthermore, since cardboard is so flimsy, it does nothing to protect your belongings from the elements. That can be problematic, as many of us store our decorations in attics or basements that can become very cold and hot. Instead, invest in some large plastic bins with lids that allow you to store your decorations safely.

Organize As You Put Your Decorations Away

Taking a little extra time when you put your decorations away will make a huge difference when you go to take them back out next year. As you put your decorations back into storage, take the time to carefully roll up strings of lights, wrap fragile items in newspaper and throw away anything that you think might not have any life left. Not only will this make life easier for you the following year, but your items will remain in good condition

Look For External Storage Solutions

If your decorations take up a lot of space, external storage solutions might be a good idea. You can find affordable storage space in Boston that will allow you to store your decorations out of sight and out of mind until you need them. This will free up more space for the items that you need to use on a more regular basis.

Decorations are a huge part of the holidays. Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you take care of your beloved holiday decorations by following these tips. The more you take care of your decorations, the longer they’ll last for you and your family.

By lucille