Tips on Creating a Library at Home

For book lovers, nerds, book maniacs, or whatever it is, a library is heaven. The existence of the library itself at home has become mandatory. Well, do you already know how to maximize the library at home? If you have lots of books and want a quiet place to enjoy it, you need a home library or home library. Not only to store books, but can also be a private office or study room. If you keep a book in the living room, let alone you do not live alone at home, it seems that the living room is not a suitable place to read. Tips on creating a library in your home.

Decorating Style

The special room should be specially designed too. Let’s think about the style and the color scheme. You can choose traditional, modern, Gothic, Victorian, minimalist, country, and so on, but do not forget the main purpose of the room. The room must have a certain temperature and relative humidity so that the books are not easily damaged. So, basements and wet places are not suitable areas for your library.

Book Color Selection

Leave the wooden colors for the bookshelves, as they seem standard and boring. Choose bold colors or dark colors. Also add a metallic accent or high-gloss varnish as finishing. This can remove the gloomy home library atmosphere and make it a comfortable place to hang out.


Lighting is also very important in the decoration of your home library. Lighting should be bright but not glare. You can apply a chandelier, table lamp, or floor lamp that can make you more focused to read a healthier.


Bookshelves can be various styles and shapes. It does not always have to be conventional. Lots of bookcase designs with a variety of shapes. Some of them provide seating especially for reading. Take a look at some of the home library ideas below. However, keep in mind, there are so many other options. If there is no empty space to create a library, you can still create a library on the unprocessed wall under the stairs, which can also be placed a small reading place for you.