How to Renovate Minimalist Kitchen

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The dream house certainly can not be separated from a clean and comfortable kitchen. Everyone wants their kitchen always to be an area that is neat and fun, maybe you are also one of them. The kitchen conditions like this, will make your home becomes more complete and comfortable for you and other family members. When your kitchen is clean, then you will be more comfortable to be there when will process a variety of foods that you like. Not only that, a clean kitchen will also be much healthier and can support you to consume a variety of good and healthy foods all the time. Then, do you already have a kitchen like this in your home?

Make a proper renovation

If you find that your kitchen area is still not in line with your expectations, then the renovation is the right step you can do to fix it. You can organize, tidy up, and even create a new and different kitchen atmosphere. However, all of these renovation plans will certainly require a number of fees that the amount is quite large.

Given the high cost of renovations you may need, it is important that you set the right budget for this need. If done with a planned, then with a limited amount of budget though, you can still do the renovation and change your kitchen to be more neat than ever. The first step you must decide from the beginning is to determine the amount of budget to be spent on the renovation. This is very important to do, so you can prepare the funds well, so this renovation activity will not interfere with your finances.

If you have set the amount of costs to be allocated for the renovation, then you can start thinking about the source of the fund. It would be nice if you do have some cash that can be allocated immediately. But if you do not have it, then for funding this renovation, you can prepare in several ways, such as: start saving and separate the amount of income each month, make renovations in installments every month (gradually), or you can even apply some loans to bank.

The idea of ​​renovation is easy and cheap

If you already have funds that can be allocated for the renovation, then you can start this activity immediately. Make sure you do not do excessive renovations, considering the amount of funds you have may be very limited. If the cost of this renovation exceeds the budget you set, then most likely you will be overdrawn and experiencing financial problems in the future. No need to overdo it, you can even do renovations in some parts of the kitchen only, but it makes the kitchen look more clean and comfortable. Check out some parts that you can touch with renovation activities, so that your kitchen to look more beautiful than before.

Perform repainting

Cat has always been one of the magical tools that can make the look of a room to be newer and different, including your kitchen as well. If you want, you can change the color of your kitchen with a new color and brighter, so the kitchen looks brighter and cleaner. But if you have been comfortable with your kitchen color now, then you just need to do the repainting without changing the paint color before. This painting activity will make it all look newer and cleaner, especially if it turns out you have good taste in the right color selection.

Replace old kitchen appliances

To do this, you need to be very careful and keep adjusting these expenses with your budget. Do not let you go crazy and replace old kitchen appliances with new items without a calculation. This replacement should be done with consideration, where you consider some.

Replace the kitchen tiles

Color and floor appearance can also make a room more attractive and beautiful. This you can consider for your kitchen floor, where you replace and choose some beautiful motifs and look attractive to be installed there. Make sure you choose the right tile, with the size and price that fits the budget you provide.

Replace the lamp

Your kitchen feels a little dull and boring? Maybe the light is the cause. Replace your kitchen lights with LED lights that are more energy efficient, so that the kitchen conditions look brighter, considering the kitchen is supposed to be in bright and comfortable conditions for doing a lot of activity.

Rearrange the furniture

If the kitchen feels boring, you can also change it by …

How to Make a Minimalist Wooden House

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The unique design of modern minimalist wooden house is generally only made simple but classic and beautiful with the concept of environmentally friendly. The advantages of small wooden house model is still have minimalist modern artistic value. With a unique style of the latest home model, hopefully making it able to provide a sense of comfort and safe for residents.

How to make a small minimalist wooden house simple, still have to pay attention to which model will be carried, traditional, Japanese style and western to modern wooden house Malaysia. You need a lot of recommendations and inspiration for the construction of modern minimalist wooden house as expected as a coveted residence. Generally small wooden houses, simple and modern use of teak wood, which is famous for its solid foundation as the main ingredient. And will be more perfect if wooden interior minimalist house also applied. Including walls, roofs and poles, utilizing raw materials from wood, and of course also for windows, doors, to the floor and a small home fence applies.

Stages of Making Wooden Houses

Making wooden houses can be done with simple steps and produce a sturdy, comfortable, beautiful design, and of course with economical cost. Here are some steps on how to Make a Minimalist Wooden House, please be observed:

  1. There are data on land for making wooden houses and a list of plans.
  2. Determination of the shape / structure of the house in the form of sketches or drawings.
  3. Calculation of the wooden structure needed to determine the dimensions and
  4. wood quality. The quality of wood here includes a safe and economical type of wood and is used to    fit on structural parts    such    as roof house hoops, columns, and beams.
  5. Make sketches or drawings detail the minimalist wooden house structure adjusted with the results obtained previously calculations.
  6. Calculation of Building Budget Plan (RAB).
  7. Procurement of building materials as a whole and conservation efforts.
  8. The process of building a wooden house using the best work system according to design drawings that have been determined.

Maintenance and maintenance of the house of destructive things such as leaky roofs or insects that can damage wood.

Term of Building Wooden House

Building a large wooden house of either large size or minimalist wooden houses will require certain requirements that will make the wooden house look perfect, beautiful, and comfortable to stay. In order to make the wooden house more solid, nice and beautiful we must be able to meet several requirements for the manufacture of wooden houses as follows:

Wood House Location

The location where the wooden house to be built should be free of elements that can damage the wood material to make wooden houses more durable and durable. For example, we should not build a wooden house on the edge or near the sea because seawater contains substances that can permanently damage the wood.

Selection of Wood Type For Wooden House

Selection of quality wood species greatly affects the life of the strength and service of the wooden house building itself. For that type of wood used to be tailored to the values ​​of the function at the same time we want to show the beautiful architecture of the wooden house.…

Tips on Choosing Home Decoration

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Decoration is an integral part of a house, it is in because the house will become more colorful and beautiful in view so that we feel comfortable while in the house, for an ornament on the house itself of course a lot of that can Creates in order to beautify Home atmosphere such as photos, wall clocks, paintings and so on but depending on the owner of the house itself how to arrange the decoration of the house so it makes the house much more beautiful, sometimes some people are often confused in choosing a suitable decoration in accordance with the needs and Concept of the house.

In choosing and determining the decoration for your home there must be some things that you should consider so that your house looks more beautiful with the decoration in the apply. Do not just choose it because if you choose an ornament is not right of course the impression that will produce the usual look only

  1. Placement function. In decorating the house, make sure the placement is appropriate and appropriate for you and other residents to feel comfortable. We recommend how to apply it optimally without any remaining room. You better maximize any existing room by giving a little home decoration that looks minimalist and beautiful to look at. For furniture such as cabinets and other interiors, choose a small and simple model, but still of good quality.
  2. Model simple. Simple and minimalist furnishings make your narrow home soil more leveraged. For example with decorations such as flower pots, decorative lights, and other ornaments. Furniture should choose not too high and not too low, adjust to the height of your home. Make sure there is a minimum distance of one meter to make the house feel more comfortable.
  3. Customize to the style of occupancy. If each room is to be decorated it needs to be determined from the quality, shape, model, and type of house. Lots of ornamental shapes are generally to decorate the room to look beautiful and provide a beautiful atmosphere. You can specify the decoration and adjust the ambience of the room. For example, classic-style decoration should not be too forced to follow the European-style modern style.
  4. Measure area. Start by figuring out how big the wall of your house will be decorated. Then estimate the area of ​​the wall that will be filled with decoration. Do not put a painting that fills the entire wall or painting is too small. Notice the harmonization between space for decoration and empty space.
  5. Match with personality. Remember the old saying, a good home design will describe the personality and ensure the comfort of homeowners. So also in terms of home decoration selection. Choose your favorite objects and passions. Selection of objects like this will evoke mood and sense of comfort when in the house. For example, miniature cars, airplanes, traditional vehicles, and others.


How To Choose The Right Cat For The House

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How To Choose The Right Cat For Your Home | Choosing a house paint color is one step to make the house look beautiful and well groomed. Maybe you’re bored with the old look and want to change it with a new paint color. The easiest way is to re-paint the room or the whole house. However, of course not easy to determine the color choices that will be applied to the walls of the room. How to choose the right cat for the house.

Cat Color Combination

Maybe your color choices are always monotonous, such as neutral colors, white and beige. In fact, many color options are available. No need to fear in choosing colors. Choose colors that match your personality expression. Do not just fixate on one or two colors, try you can play many color combinations of house paint.

The house you have will definitely look beautiful if you give the paint color decoration that fits the conditions and type of house. You can choose neutral colors like white that are combined with other colors such as red, yellow or black. With so many types of wall colors at this time, you must adjust the paint color with the concept of the house you have. As your solution, here are some tips on choosing a house paint color that you can apply well:

1. White
White is one of the neutral colors. Neutral colors can be combined well with other colors. White color looks cleaner, but you should not use too much white color because it will look stiff and cold

2. Gray
Quite a few use a gray color on every minimalist building. This color will make the house look more spacious. But, if too many will look stiff and spooky

3. Black
This color makes the walls of the house look sturdy, strong, handsome and elegant. However, if too much will make the house wall look scary with dark conditions

4. Green and blue
Both colors are very well applied for your place of residence. The green color that looks like a cool and blue nature with the color of the sea makes the walls of the house look attractive and cool.

5. Purple
This color is a comfortable color, fun and shady. Besides making the impression more unique home.

So how to choose the right house color paint that can be used as an inspiration in choosing a paint color that suits your home design.…

How to choose a color floor for a minimalist home

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Selection of minimalist home floor should really be considered, to fit the concept of the minimalist house itself. Although the actual function of this floor as the base of the footing, but still must consider the quality in the election. In addition, the selection of home floor should also be in accordance with the colors and furniture contained in the house. So that your minimalist home interior design impressed more perfect. Therefore, you are not careless in choosing the floor for your minimalist home. There are some tips on choosing a ceramic floor of a minimalist house that should be considered as follows:

Prepare a sufficient budget

The first tip in choosing a ceramic floor in a minimalist home is to prepare enough budget first. Where, you should look for reference ceramic floor prices through various media. That way, you can prepare how much budget is needed to buy tile floor in your home. Do not be interested in expensive ceramics especially if you do not have enough budget to buy it. Look for ceramics at affordable prices but the quality is guaranteed. So the ceramic floor can function well according to its usefulness.

Determining the right floor size

The most important element in choosing the tile floor for a minimalist home is the size of the floor. Adjust the size of the floor with the size of your minimalist home to look more ideal and charming. For those of you who have a small house with a minimalist concept, you should choose a floor size that is not so big. Conversely, if your house is large, then you can choose the floor of the house with a larger size. Adjust this size to show the impression that looks elegant and ideal.

Determine the right ceramic motif

In order for each room look more beautiful and beautiful then you should choose the right ceramic floor motif minimalist house. Ceramic motifs in pairs in each room must have a harmony. However, you should distinguish the ceramic motif in the bathroom with other rooms. Selection of ceramic motifs should depend on the function of each room. To choose a ceramic motif you’ll want to choose an elegant motif and not so crowded. For example, for the living room you can choose the tile floor with abstract motifs and simpler lighter so that the living room looks more attractive.

Floor surface texture

Things to consider in choosing the home floor, which is seen from the texture of the surface of the ceramic floor itself. The choice of floor surface texture should be adjusted to the utility of the floor of each room. To choose a floor texture in the bathroom for example, you can choose the floor with a slightly coarse texture. This is so that the room in the bathroom is not slippery when the residents use to bathe. Currently there are many different types or types of tile floors that you can choose to apply in your home. Then you have to choose the right floor that is installed in every room in your house.

Selection of the right ceramic color

You also have to pay attention to the color of ceramic floor of the minimalist house right so that every room looks so dazzling. The selection of floor colors must also be adjusted to the concept of a minimalist home that is applied to seem more ideal. For a minimalist little house, you should choose colors that are bright and not tacky to give the impression of a wider room for your dream home.

Yes, that’s 5 tips on choosing the right minimalist home floor for you to apply to your dream home. May be useful!…

Tips Beautify the Living Room

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To beautify the room of your home simply choose which wall hangings that match. In the selection of wall decoration should also be adjusted by some aspects that support it. Leaving a blank wall with no wall hangings will make the room feel empty. Well to add a beautiful impression on the wall, we use some tips to choose a beautiful wall hangings

It’s not much to expect if we have a minimalist home. Building area is relatively small make the space in it also has a small area making it difficult to decorate. No exception for the living room, a place that became one of the requirements of the room that must exist, although for a small house.

The location of the living room is usually close to the entrance and there are seats such as chairs, benches, and so on for a place for guests.But you do not be discouraged to have a minimalist house with a small living room, because there are still tips you can do to organize a small living room to look more beautiful with the following tips.

Adjust the Room

Choose a wall hanging that suits your room, or you can choose the ideal place to place the painting. Do not let the painting that the size of the wall can meet the need to Balance  also with the same size with your room. Upstream of the wall that will occupy the trinkets, it would be nice not to cover the entire wall of your house with a variety of decorations and also not too little in installing, in essence the harmonization between the wall and the decoration.

Choose carefully

In choosing a painting, you should be able to choose the painting carefully, if necessary you can visit the exhibition of artwork or painting exhibition, so you can choose what kind of painting that fit with the concept of your home stretcher.

Customize theme

Adjust the theme of the house, if you carry the style of ethnic house with traditional carpet statue and motifs, better choose also a similar wall decoration. Choose also wall hangings that can evoke the mood and make you more calm and comfortable when at home. Again do not choose wall decoration in a hurry either you take a moment to view the gallery in analog or via website. One important thing choose wisely and do not hungry eyes.

Some of the above steps may be a reference for you in choosing a wall decoration to suit your tastes and needs at home. The presence of wall hangings at home will definitely give the impression of a more vibrant and colorful house. Good luck…!…

Tips on Choosing a Minimalist Sofa

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The minimalist sofa has become an option for those who want to be practical when decorating the house. The furniture is considered to be unhealthy and comfortable. But, choosing it also can not be arbitrary. Choosing this sofa is tantamount to finding a mate. If it fits, it must be difficult to remove.

So, how to choose a minimalist sofa suitable for your home or apartment? Previously, you have to decide the location of the sofa: going inside the house (indoor) or outside (outdoor)? In addition, you should also consider the size of the house or apartment. Do not forget to adjust the selection of the sofa with your home design concept.After that, please follow the tips below:

Determine the minimalist sofa function

What is your purpose to buy that minimalist sofa? Is to be placed in the living room, so that guests who come to feel comfortable sitting on the sofa? Do you just want to relax or curl up on the sofa after work? Make sure you do not choose wrong. For example: a sofa that is enough for at least four people and fit combined with a model coffee table table is always selected for the living room.

Make sure the size of the room in accordance with the size of the minimalist sofa

Do not let you buy a sofa, although minimalist. Do not let the messengers have trouble inserting the couch into the room of your choice. If it does happen, chances are you do not measure the preferred room and sofa first. Before deciding to buy, that’s what you have to do. Do not forget also to measure the door so as not to bother when entering the sofa. Consider also the ladder if the room you choose to put the minimalist sofa is on the second floor. Also, do not forget that you will also put some other furniture in the room.

Make sure the form of minimalist sofa options do not eat places

His name is a minimalist sofa, but that does not mean you do not care about the shape. Do not let the room become narrow because of the form of a sofa that does not fit. L-shaped sofa is often an option because it can Placed to the corner of the room and do not block the way when you go out and into the room. Spherical couch is attractive, but more suitable for a large room to avoid eating places.

Adjust the choice of minimalist sofa material with the ability and lifestyle

No need to push yourself to buy a minimalist sofa that is too expensive, as long as the quality of the material is good and in accordance with the lifestyle. For example: leather or vinyl material suitable for you who have a family with small children at home. Because small children like to spill everything onto the couch, leather or vinyl material is easier to clean.

Choose a nice design and style

Not only nice views, minimalist sofa with beautiful design and style can also save your cost and time to hunt new furniture. Make sure the color is neutral so it is easily matched with other elements in the room, such as: paint color of the walls and some other furniture. Choice of neutral color mainstay: gray and ivory yellow. If you want to add another color accent, rely on the cushions sitting on the couch.

Choose a strategic location

In addition to ensure that the minimalist sofa that does not block the way when people enter the room, consider also other comfortable position. Do you want to sit right facing the television? Is the location of the sofa able to expose the wind and the sun?…