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Acquiring a Mortgage on Investment Property

As with any business venture, there are several kinds of investment property and looking for the exact investment is crucial as it demands certain style and strategies. But unlike a business endeavor that requires a shrewd businessman for the business to be successful, you don’t have to be a developer to purchase a property to invest in.
Investing in real estate is viewed to be as different from owning a residential property. For a large number of homeowners, only some of them would consider calling themselves as “property investors”. Most people think that real estate investment is a venture that intends to make revenues over the years.
Like other major investments, real estate also entails risk. A lot of people have invested unwisely and they end up losing their other assets. There will be transactions that would require you to have mortgage on investment property. This usually happens when you …

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Invest in Property? Yes, You Most Probably Can Afford It!

Many people say they want to invest in property but no where near as many take action and become a real estate investor. Of course there are many reasons that people provide for not taking action – not just in property investing – but in anything that requires some effort. Lack of time, lack of knowledge and lack of money are the big three reasons, or excuses, that are offered.
People people perceive property investing to be only for the wealthy, but in reality many would be investors are in a position to buy now and they don’t even know it! The fact is that many people do not even have a good grasp of their current financial situation in terms of assets, income and expenditure and without this knowledge it is indeed difficult to assess readiness to invest in property.
So in order to help you overcome the ‘reason’ …

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Investment Property – Developing a Power Team

First, you need an experienced and motivated real estate agent. He should have practice handling short sales and foreclosures. The investor needs an agent who knows how to go after the good deals and has skills in wholesaling properties. Many times, this one person can handle your purchases from beginning to end and then some. Your real estate agent is really the head of your power team.
Look to your real estate agent for recommendations on the other members of your team. A knowledgeable agent will know other individuals in the real estate world who have the experience and work ethic you need to succeed in your investment endeavors.
If you require funding or wish to find other investors, ask your agent if he knows of anyone looking for a partnership. More than likely, your agent knows many investors since that is the type of work he does. Look to …

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Residential Property Management – How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

We have several balance sheet accounts. We have assets, cash, receivables – rent that’s not been paid but is due – supplies, pre-paid rent, the value of your building less accumulated depreciation, and then you have equipment. There are some other accounts that in theory you could put in here, but it’s really not required.
Liability Accounts
Then we have what are called liability accounts. These are your accounts payable. These include salaries payable, taxes payable – real estate or even income taxes. If you have a mortgage on your property, mortgage payments, you would set it up as a liability.
The third compartment of all balance sheets is your equity. Your owner’s equity and the amount maybe you’ve taken out of your business.
These are a basic, fundamental set of chart of accounts that you can take and can incorporate into your balance sheet. Things like Quicken and …

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Real Estate Investment Tips – Understanding Property Appreciation in Pune

Real estate investors buy property when they know that the property will gain in capital appreciation – but it is not only property investors who are attracted by this phenomenon. There is also greater interest for buying property in Pune rather than for rental properties, since real estate appreciation allows them to increase their personal net worth.
What causes property prices to rise in areas such as Pradhikaran and other parts of Pimpri Chinchwad? This phenomenon – a key concept behind real estate investment – is called appreciation, which is nothing but the enhancement of a property’s market value over time. Real estate appreciation takes place because of various factors, including:
• The supply and demand dynamics of a particular location
• Inflationary pressures
• Home loan interest rates (cost of borrowing)
• Arrival of new real estate market drivers in a location
• Population growth
Demand And Supply: When …