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Real Estate Investor – How to Buy Real Estate With Zero Interest Rate Loans!

This is an example of what I call sub equity, meaning the house is worth $130,000 and the person owes $70,000. In theory there’s $60,000 of equity in that property. Again, the seller wants $100,000. We’re going to keep the scenarios fairly consistent.
That transaction is again a way to do a no cash out of your pocket transaction. You would go to a private lender – or even possibly a traditional lender if you had it pre-approved – and you would borrow $70,000, $75,000 or $80,000. You would offer that to the seller.
Let’s say $75,000 to make the math easy. You would offer them $75,000. They would obviously take $70,000 of that to pay off their first mortgage and they would have $5,000 left over in cash. The other $25,000 would come in the form of a “subordinated seller note”. Again, the seller is essentially foregoing $25,000 and …

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How to Rent Quickly by Pointing People to Your Property With Directional Signs

We do a lot of directional signs too. Directional signs are the little signs that are about 24″ across, 6″ high and they’re red and they have a white arrow. In that white arrow, you could write something. Not a lot, but you can write maybe the house number or the street name, whatever.
The key is to take those directional signs and work your way back to the major street sources. If your property is on a small little side street, go out to the intersection where the main road and side road come together and put some pointer signs on trees or whatever you’ve got to do.
Everybody that drives by sees the pointer signs, then they’ll drive into your side street and then see the signs on your house. If you don’t go out there and get pointer signs you simply will never get the traffic. That’s …

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5 Tips To Make Your Kitchen More Modern

5 Tips To Make Your Kitchen More Modern

Everyone wants to make their homes more modern, more caught up with the times of today, however what does it take one to do so? And how do you know what exactly ‘modern’ is in the first place?

There is nothing wrong with having a traditional kitchen, as long as it is traditional and not outdated. However cooking in a contemporary and stylish room is really a joy for many homeowners. Plus let’s face it, having a modern kitchen does help later on when it comes to selling the house, since it will drive up its value.

So here are 5 tips to make your kitchen more modern without spending a fortune in the process.

Replace your old flooring that is cracking or even buckling due to moisture and water spills. You need some good linoleum or vinyl that is modern looking …

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If you are looking to diversify your investment holdings, real estate can be an excellent choice. The benefits of investing in real estate can be significant, but it’s important to take the time to make sure you’re buying the right one. This gives your investment the best chance of success in the future

Getting into investment property can be tricky, but these 6 tips can help you navigate the complexities and reap the rewards of your real estate.

1. Choose your location carefully

When you’re looking for a property to buy, keep in mind that the value you can get from your investment will be based, at least in part, on how desirable the property is to potential tenants. This means that location is key.

People tend to look for housing located close to work to reduce the hassle of travel, which means that properties close to the city …

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Why You Need to Have Financial Goals When Investing in Real Estate

Savvy investing in real estate requires setting goals. That is because the destination has to be known before the road to get there becomes clear. First, it will force the investor to know their current financial status. It will also shape decisions about how long to hold onto a property, and will keep the investor from making emotional decisions that leads them to an over-extension of debt. Without those goals, the investors will just wander around making purchases without objective facts to guide them.
Know the Big Picture
One of the best benefits of setting goals for investing in real estate is that it forces the investor to do a complete analysis of their current financial status. There is just no way to know how long it will take you to reach a goal, or how much initially to invest, if the starting point is not known. This involves tracking …