We do a lot of directional signs too. Directional signs are the little signs that are about 24″ across, 6″ high and they’re red and they have a white arrow. In that white arrow, you could write something. Not a lot, but you can write maybe the house number or the street name, whatever.
The key is to take those directional signs and work your way back to the major street sources. If your property is on a small little side street, go out to the intersection where the main road and side road come together and put some pointer signs on trees or whatever you’ve got to do.
Everybody that drives by sees the pointer signs, then they’ll drive into your side street and then see the signs on your house. If you don’t go out there and get pointer signs you simply will never get the traffic. That’s where the traffic is, so you’ve got to get signs out there.
Importance of Pointer Signs
Putting a sign on a house that’s on a very quiet side street will do you no good. You need to get signs out. If you have to go two or three streets up that’s fine.
Take your pointer signs and figure it out. If you need to make a right hand turn you have a pointer sign that points right. They go a block and if they need to make a left then have a pointer sign pointing left. Make sure the signs are the same so they can see they fit. If they have to go to the next street and have to make a right, have a pointer sign pointing right.
Make sure they can get from the main road to your house. That will tremendously increase your traffic. Signs slam dunk work – particularly in moderate to low income neighborhoods.
Beware of Ordinances
Keep in mind that there are some issues with signs. Your city may have sign ordinances. I recommend you don’t violate them if you can help it. They may or may not allow signs to be in the front yard.
Condo associations typically will not allow signs. Any sort of gated communities, town home communities, all these types of communities typically either will not allow signs or will have sign restrictions.
In those types of communities it’s probably worth making sure you read the by-laws or call the association and find out what is or is not permitted. They may allow a sign in the window but not in the yard. Obviously find out what’s permitted and being compliant. Again, signs are a tremendous way to attract attention.

By lucille