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Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Clubs – Great for Newbie Investors

Real estate investment clubs are a great way for the newbie investor to learn how the business of flipping homes really works. These clubs, if created correctly can offer you tones of expert advice as well as free PR and If you’re new to the flip business or maybe you’re interested in getting started – joining a real estate investment club is crucial to your success.
A good R.E. investment club will know what’s going on in your city and how the market conditions are doing. They should be up to date with what areas of your city are selling fast and what area’s to stay away from. Knowing everything there is to know about your city of choice is crucial to your R.E. investment success because you always need to remember, every market in every city is completely different. What goes on in Las Vegas versus Texas is a …

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General Articles

Best Products for Each Room

Best Products for Each Room

If you are one of the many people who are fed up with the amount of cleaning products that you have to keep around your house, then this page will help you to think about which product you should be using in each room. This will mean that you can clear out your cleaning cupboard and simply keep a few key products in your range.

If you are thinking about what you could use in the kitchen, then it makes sense that you could invest in some disinfectant wipes. This is the room that deals with the food that you eat, and that means that it is vital that it is kept clean. You should make sure that you clean everything in this room daily, as dirt can build up quickly. One wipe could probably last for the whole of the surfaces, which means that …

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Real Estate Listings

Finding The Investment Property

Looking to do some investment in real estate properties? Need to find a discounted and undervalued property? Well, in this extremely competitive market, you need to quickly find the deals for the right properties before your competitors do. As an investor, you wouldn’t want to pay for any property at full price and then try to fix it and/or flip it to make a profit. That’s crazy!
Let’s try a different approach to finding better real estate investment deals! Try these:
Join a local investment club, particularly in real estate. This will serve as your network of investors. Networking is one way to find discounted and affordable fixer-uppers. Investors often have so many investments going on at once that they can’t always take on every opportunity, but at the same time they wouldn’t want the opportunity to go to waste. Therefore, if they know that you are looking for properties, …

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Condos For Sale

The Best Way to Invest in the Mississippi Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone

For those of you who have been here since the beginning, it seems like it was just the other day when you could do some good and get rewarded for your efforts; a win-win situation for all! I am talking about the GO Zone tax benefits put in place by the Internal Revenue Service after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Many people have moved on to new headlines that occupy their days:
* Trapped miners recently rescued in Chile;
* Election Season is here again;
* The Earthquake in Indonesia;
* The BP oil spill;
* and still others.
However, with the window for the GO Zone benefits quickly coming to an end (I will reiterate below), there is one topic that should be at the forefront of your mind:
* Getting a HUGE and legitimate Tax break from the IRS!
That is right, you may have forgotten …

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New Homes For Sale

Why You Should Get Your Customers to Consider Rental Income Property

In this economy, if you’re a residential agent trying to carve out a living selling houses and ignoring an opportunity to sell rental income property, then you’re like one stranded on a roof top in a flood who turns away a helicopter rescue because you’re waiting for a boat.
Look, this isn’t the time for you to pick and choose opportunities.
Regardless what you’re perception about what a real estate agent should do, it is not confined to selling people houses. Yes, you’ve become comfortable with showing mister and missus customer a house where they can live and raise their children with a nearby school where the little ones can start their education, but that’s not the reality in this economy.
In this economy, most buyers are more concerned about the nest egg they’ve accumulated then little Johnny and Mary skipping off to kindergarten. Mister and missus customer are more …