Balloon mortgage is a type of loan which is short term loan having lower interest rates and lower monthly payment options. In this type of loan the term expands from six to seven years. After the termination of the loan period you are generally left with balance outstanding in your principal amount.
You can either plan to pay off this balance principal or you may plan to sell the house and pay the balance principal out of it or another way could be refinancing again through mortgage. This mortgage has lot of differences as compared with the other type of fixed rate home loans. In this type of mortgage, full payment at the maturity of the mortgage is not given. And eventually the monthly payment gradually expands like a balloon hence the name balloon mortgage has arrived.
If you are eager in buying a house of your choice and cannot afford to give a heavy monthly payment at present or in the span of seven to eight years, then balloon mortgage would be the right choice. Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions of your life and if somebody is keen in having one then there are innumerable methods of getting the finances suiting you the best. There are few drawbacks of balloon mortgage for those who want to purchase a house with a primary aim of staying in for a long term balloon mortgage could be risky because if you are unable to do the payment after the end of seven or eight years you may have to plan to sell your house to clear the outstanding principal amount.

By lucille