The basic reason you should invest in property is to make a very positive step for securing your future and that of your family. Real Estate is possible the most used investment tool the world over, yet most people don’t recognize it as an investment. Even more astonishing is that most people are instinctively good at real estate, they are practically experts already, they just lack some basic tools to get them on their way.
Owning your own home is often described as the great dream of a family, but that is limiting to me. It seems to say that once you have your own home, then you’ve reached the pinnacle, and you should sit back and be proud of your accomplishment. Once you’ve paid off the bank loan on your property you now own the property outright. You may have even made some capital gain with a recent valuation. That’s great, but you can do more.
The great thing about real estate is that there are many techniques, investment styles, strategies, research and shopping around methods that exist, and the journey is different for each person. It is true that there’s a great deal of money to be made in real estate (anyone heard of Donald Trump and Trump Tower?), but real estate can be a tool for people who just want a bit of extra money, or security for their retirement, or some property to help their kids get a good start in their adult life. All you need to achieve your goals – and they are yours alone, so you’re responsible for your failures just as much as your successes – is some knowledge.
I’ve found that property investment is a great leveler of people. A millionaire will have the same sense of achievement and pride in a settled deal as a first home buyer. Which brings me to another topic – having the capital to get started, or not having it as the case may be. Some capital is necessary to fund a straight purchase of house for example, but there are many other options to secure the property you want, and bring the deal that you dream of to reality. In other words, don’t let a little thing like money get in the way of your property investment business.

By lucille