If you would like to start invest in real estate, you require a change in mindset. Many people think that investing in real estate is risky because of fear. Remember F-E-A-R is just “False Expectations Appearing Real”!
There are three reasons why you should really consider investing in real estate at this time:
1. There will always be a marketplace. In a civilized world, a roof over your head is as essential as clothing, energy, food, transport and water. Investors are necessary to keeping this vital human need available at a affordable price. In countries where investing in real estate is limited or excessively controlled by the government, such as it was in former Communist Bloc countries, people suffer, and real estate depreciates.
2. There are many different ways a person can involve and make money. For most people, their only real estate investment is where they stay. Their house/home is their biggest investment. During the boom from 2000 to 2007, many amateurs got involved with flipping houses – buying low and wishing to sell higher. As you know, many flippers flopped and lost all. In true investor vocabulary, flipping is known as speculating or trading. You can call it gambling. While flipping is one technique of investing, there are many, more sophisticated, less risky ways to do well with real estate. You have to gain the knowledge and learn from the experiences of professionals who invest rather than flip, speculate, trade, or gamble.
3. It gives you control over your investments, that is, if you have the skills. In the volatile times of early 2009, millions of people were losing trillions of dollars simply because they handed over control of their wealth to other people. Even since the middle of 2008, the great Warren Buffett’s fund, Berkshire Hathaway, has lost 40 percent of its value! Millions of people have lost their jobs, which means they had no control over their own employment either. You need to learn from the real professionals that have control over both their businesses and investments. The learning process is ongoing.

By lucille