5 Tips to Update Your Living Room

Does your living room seem outdated? For most home the living room is the first room a visitor may see upon entering your home. So shouldn’t it be one of the most memorable and well designed areas in your home? You may think that redesigning has to be an expensive task but it doesn’t have to be. You can make in a big difference in your living room with just a few neat ideas.

Giving your living room a new coat of paint is the first thing you may want to consider. You could decide if you are going to use the same color paint or go with something new altogether. Using the same color paint removes any marks or scratches that may exist now. If you are leaning more toward changing the color make sure you choose one that goes well with your current decor. Painting alone can make a big difference in your living rooms appearance.

Rearranging the furniture is another way to give your room a different feel. Don’t be afraid to try some things differently. Try to change the focal point of the room. Don’t just think about moving sofas and chairs, experiment with coffee tables or bookcases too. You’ll be surprised at what you can think of if you move a couple of things around.

If it is in your budget, try adding a few new pieces of furniture. A new set of end tables or a coffee table can make a big difference. There are many beautiful styles of coffee tables that can add a bit of elegance to your home.

How about adding a new set of lamps in the room. If you had table lamps before, why not try a set of stylish floor lamps. If new lamps are not in the budget you should consider this little trick. How about just changing the lamp shades, this can change the whole atmosphere of the room. Changing the light bulbs is another way you can make a difference in your living room.

Here are a couple more ideas for you to think about. Add or change any paintings on the wall. Add a few plants to the room. If you don’t want real plants there are some realistic looking artificial plants to consider. Changing the drapes is another idea you can consider.

As you can see it’s not that difficult to give your living room a new look. Just take a look around the room and change anything that may look outdated. If you need a few ideas take a look at magazines for help. The internet is also a great resource for more tips and ideas.

By lucille