A Patio Living Room for Outdoor Entertainment

A patio living room can be used for outdoor entertainment all year long, not just for summer. This outdoor living area needs to have some comfortable outdoor furniture for you, your family and friends who come visiting during the summer months. You can even include a patio kitchen for some casual dining. An outdoor patio living room can even add more square footage to your home. A�

This outdoor room can be a comfortable addition right outside your backdoor or you can install a pathway of bricks, stones, or pavers leading to an area in the middle of your garden. You can hire it out but you get a feeling of satisfaction when you do it yourself. Pavers can be purchased in the sizes, shapes and colors that match the exterior of your house and complement your landscape. This outdoor patio room should be on a level surface such as a patio or deck and the pathways leading to it should be wide enough for two people to walk safely side by side.

This outdoor room needs to be covered with some type of protection from the heat and rays of the sun. Some suggestions are to build a roof or pergola, purchase some umbrellas, or install an awning. One idea for a roll out awning that can be attached to the house or garage wall that will protect your from the sun and the rain. Patio umbrellas are another option as they come in various sizes, shapes and color. These umbrellas and awnings come in many different fabric designs and colors to coordinate with the colors and designs on your outdoor furnishings. A�

Your outdoor living room furniture needs to be comfortable and sturdy at the same time. This furniture should be able to stand up to all the outdoor elements and last you for many years. Some low maintenance furniture options include resin, wrought iron, and teak wood. These furniture options are available on-line, in garden specialty stores and some can be purchased at home and garden centers. You need to have enough seating area for your whole family and for those coming for outdoor gatherings.A� A�

The seats cushions on your furniture should be in the colors and designs of your liking and maybe a few throw pillows can be added at different times for mood changes. The pillows and cushions can be stored away when not in use in your garage or a storage bench that is water-proof. You can also use the storage bench as part of your outdoor garden living room furniture.

Plant some tropical plants in colorful containers to place around the room. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs in containers will also bring more color into your patio room. By planting some low growing herbs between your pavers such as thyme will keep your pathway looking fresh and it will bring a pleasant aroma into the room whenever someone walks on the path. You will get more enjoyment out of your outdoor room with less maintenance in your garden.

Now all your patio living room needs is more atmosphere and this can be accomplished by adding outdoor lights to the area. For soft lighting solar yard lights can be added; rope lights, twinkling string lights or a spot light to highlight your fireplace brings a lot of atmosphere to your outside room during the warm summer and fall evenings. A�

By lucille