Becoming a Notary in Florida

Notaries perform important duties for the public by witnessing and authenticating signatures on documents. Each state establishes its own rules for the activities of its notaries. We have provided for you the requirements for Florida notary renewal and initial commissions.

In Florida, notaries can perform six duties: marriage ceremonies, administer oaths, certify photocopies, verify vehicle identification numbers, certify safe deposit box contents, and take acknowledgments. The Governor’s office publishes a manual that provides guidelines on legal procedures that notaries need to follow. It is important to remember to get proper identification from the people that you serve. In most cases, you can use a driver’s license to verify identities.

When dealing with legal documents, make sure that you do not overstep the bounds of your commission and perform the practice of law. The Florida manual for notaries provides clear guidelines on prohibited acts for notaries.

How to Become a Florida Notary

First, you need to complete a three-hour interactive class in the past year that covers the duties and responsibilities of a notary. The United States Department of State offers a free online course through its Notary Education Program.

Second, you need to contact a bond agency and obtain a surety bond. The bond protects the public against notarial misconduct. You will submit an application and fees to the agency. The agency will forward the application and the state’s portion of the fees to Florida.

Once your application is approved, the state will notify the bond agency. The bond agency will send you your certificate and your seal.

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Renew the Florida Notary Commission

When it is time to renew your notary commission, just contact the bond agency and submit their requested fees. The agency will forward your application to the state. Once the process is complete, the agency will send you the verification.

Becoming a notary public allows you to perform an important service for your company and your neighbors.