Everyone looks forward to moving up in their job, but it can be tricky to know when to ask for a promotion or how to catch the attention of your superiors. If you’ve been wanting to take on more responsibility at your work, here are a few tips for how to subtly promote yourself and your skills.

Be a Strong Leader

If you want to be promoted, the best way to show you’re capable of taking on more responsibility is to improve your leadership skills. This could include taking the initiative to go above and beyond your basic job duties, whether that means expanding your view of your current position or helping others make their jobs easier. Being a good leader also means you can challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and even question the status quo in pursuit of what’s best for your organization.

Be a Good Team Member

While you’re helping yourself succeed, another great way to get noticed is to help others succeed as well. Being a good team player means you can work well with others and are a trustworthy, confident person, and it also shows that you would be a good collaborator in a leadership position. An added benefit of helping others is that you can learn from them in return and form mutually beneficial relationships. This will show that you’re genuinely interested in the growth of your organization.

Be Yourself

Staying true to yourself may seem cliché, but it’s a way to get noticed that many don’t remember; instead, they get caught up in politics, become a people pleaser or become someone they’re not in an effort to catch the boss’s attention. If you stay focused on being yourself, you can devote your energy to emphasizing your positive attributes and realizing your full potential every day. If you know yourself, that confidence in your abilities is enough to get noticed.

You don’t have to vigorously self-promote yourself to move up in your job. Often, simply doing your best and challenging yourself will get you noticed.

By lucille