Choosing the Perfect Sofa

As any interior designer will tell you, the sofa is the focal point in a living room or great room. Not only is it the biggest piece of furniture, but it gets more use as well. Visitors naturally gravitate to the sofa when they visit, so picking one that is comfortable while making a statement about who you are is very important.

Thankfully, there are lots of choices these days. While keeping track of trends is important, you don’t want to be a slave to fashion, at least not when it comes to sofas. But some basic research on the new styles and designs on the market won’t hurt, especially if you haven’t been shopping for a major piece of furniture in the last few years or still think Naugahyde is a good choice of fabric.

To guide you in your search, here are some tips to help you select the perfect sofa.

Consider the room. Before you head out to shop, take an inventory of the room the sofa is going to go in. First, take measurements so you know what will fit in the room so it doesn’t look too sparse or too crowded.

What’s your palette? Look at the room. What is the primary color scheme that will guide your selection? If you only recently repainted or your chairs and other furnishings are relatively new, you’ll want to stick with what you have and pick a sofa to match rather than start all over again.

Choose a furniture style. There’s really no point in looking at Early American styles if you like modern furniture or contemporary furniture. So have a style in mind before you begin your shopping adventure so you save time. Again, you want to match your personal style as well as the existing decor in the home when it comes to choosing a style.

Focus on a fabric. All sofas were not created equal when it comes to the fabric. Your choice depends largely on your family’s lifestyle. For example, if you have lots of pets that like to lounge the day away on the sofa, you may not want a woven fabric. Hairs tend to get stuck in the weave. A leather couch may not be ideal for a family with young children. Leather can stain or discolor if not properly cared for and kids have a way of spilling the one thing that causes a stain.

Factor in versatility. If you have guests who visit from far away or friends who like to party into the wee hours, consider getting a sleeper sofa. That way, they can stay over and get some shut-eye before heading back home. Today’s sleeper sofas are a lot different than the one your mother or grandmother may have had and are far more comfortable.

Sectionals are increasingly popular. Due largely to their flexibility and functional nature, sectional sofas are in vogue once again, allowing homeowners to create dramatic seating in their living spaces with such popular features as chaise lounges, recliners and large L-shaped seating areas.

By lucille