Purposes of Neon

Neon is an element that is used all around you in your daily lives. This plentiful gas is used in objects from storefront signs to the television in your house. Here are a few items where it is used.

Lighted Signs

Probably the most recognized use for this element are in illuminated signs austin. Glass tubes are molded into the desired shapes wanted by the company then filled with neon gas. When an electric current is sent through it, the sign will glow and attract customers. The neon is mixed with other gases to get the different colors that you see. The colors also can be baked into the glass. From open signs to product placement, this form of advertisement is seen at almost every business.

Television Tubes

In older sets, neon is used to produce the picture seen on the screen. The tube is made of glass and this element and other glasses are added. Televisions today, however, use other types of technology to make the picture you see.


When neon freezes, it becomes a liquid. This makes the element a great asset to cryogenics. Scientists use this process to see what things do when they freeze. This procedure has been used for medical reasons, to research electric reactions and its benefits to animals.


Neon can also be used in lasers as well as cryogenics. Scientists use them to sever things while doctors depend on them in surgical applications. The work well when used with optics. The devices are usually paired with helium.

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Diving Gas

This element, when blended with oxygen, makes a breathing gas called neox that can be inhaled if someone is diving into deep waters. This is an expensive option used in commercial applications. However, its effects on a diver might rule it out over other methods.