Which Automatic Pool Cleaner Is Right for You?

When you put in a pool, you dreamed of sunny days splashing in the crystal clear water with the kids and maybe a quiet evening dip with your honey. You probably didn’t think about the hours of maintenance attempting to keep that water clear and the endless vacuuming. By now you are certain every tree in the neighborhood hates you and sends leaves your way just for spite. Before your sanity slips any further and you reach for the chain saw, you might want to take a look at automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh.

There are three basic types of automatic pool cleaning systems:

  • Suction-side
  • Pressure-side
  • Robotic

Stuck on You

The suction-side pool cleaner is the most economical to purchase of the three varieties. It is powered by the suction from your pump and skimmer system and does a pretty good job of cleaning up leaves and other debris that sink to the bottom. It is easily installed and simple to use, but one downside is the need to clean the filter frequently.

Under Pressure

The pressure-side cleaner connects via a hose to the water return of your pump system. The water pressure propels the unit around the pool as it sucks up dirt and debris. The pressure-side models are fast and efficient and don’t clog the pool filter because they usually have their own filter bag.

Mr. Roboto

Like a Roomba for your pool, you hook these little guys up and let them go. They are self-contained and do not connect to your pool’s filtration system. They are the most expensive type of automatic pool cleaner, but they do the job with no intervention from you, so it is worth it. You will need to install a Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit near the pool to plug in corded units, although there are some models that are rechargeable.

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Whatever style of automatic pool cleaner you choose, you can be sure that it will make your life a lot easier.