Picking out a new apartment may not be as big a commitment as purchasing a new home, but since you will likely be locked in for at least a year, it is a good idea to make sure your apartment has all the features you want. Consider these three features when looking for your next apartment.

1. Parking

Lack of parking can be an extreme frustration for apartment dwellers. You probably do not want to be fighting with your neighbors over spaces or scrambling to find a nearby spot to park on the street. Galveston apartments with garages can save you a lot of parking hassles by providing you with your own private, weather-protected space to park. If you can not find an apartment with a garage, try for an assigned parking space and find out if there are spaces your guests can park in.

2. Layout

The layout of an apartment can greatly affect the usability of the space. Layouts that waste a lot of space may leave you paying a premium for a larger apartment that actually has less usable space than a comparable smaller apartment with a better layout. The layout can also affect what type of furniture you will be able to use.

3. Noise

Try to tour an actual apartment, rather than a demo model, during a time when other residents are likely to be home so you can gauge the noise level. Too much noise coming in from the parking lot, street or the neighboring apartments can make apartment life miserable. Find out what the complex’s noise policy is. You should also check the pet policy. If you do not care for the sound of barking dogs, you may want to choose a pet-free complex.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right apartment for your lifestyle. Be sure to do your research before you sign a lease.

By lucille