Accessorizing And Your Interior Designer

Accessories are the “Jewelry” for your home. This is an area where an experienced Interior Designers help is the most important. If you have ever been to an event and someone has on a beautiful outfit, but the shoes, hand bag, accessories are all wrong? Well, the same goes for your home. The wrong art work over the sofa in the main salon, your great-grandparents non-working clock placed in an important spot, the expensive vase you purchased for your last home, in another color, that is completely wrong for this home, these are all the wrong hand bags and shoes for this home.

Lets start with art work. Not every home needs a Picasso hanging over the fireplace. There are two places in the home that require good art work, the living room and powder room. If you choose to have a formal living room, then accessorizing it properly is more important than the furnishings. A living room should be accessorized with your better pieces. This not only sets the tone for the room, but protects the better pieces, because the room generally is seldom used.

Remember a key word in interior design is color coordination. If every accessory is an absolute perfect color match, then nothing stands out, but a beautiful blending of your color palette is truly the way to go so the room becomes alive. The powder room, is the one room that is guaranteed a visit by your guests. A well placed and selected piece of art work there will make a substantial impact to your guests simply by implying is if this piece is in the powder room, what is really in the rest of the home that I am not seeing, thereby creating a new respect for you interior.

Loving antiques personally, I really have no objections to placing the “heirloom” clock in an important area. Two things do need to be noted. First have the clock professionally refinished so to ensure its longevity and appearance, then have the interior “works” cleaned professionally so it will keep proper time. No matter how modern your home is, a well placed antique always brings attentions and starts a conversation.

Accessorizing does not always mean crystal vases, sculptures, and collectibles. Many times a whimsical, inexpensive object makes much more of a statement than a drab “expensive” piece. Plants and trees, either artificial or real, warm up any room and will definitely make your guest feel comfortable. Using greenery on side tables, shelves, in large floor urns all add to the comfort level in your home and will give the home a lived in feel. Plants are always a great “filler” for those area that need something but nothing.

By lucille