Choosing a Water Dispenser Faucet That’s Effective and Cheap to Run

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know what the most effective type of water dispenser faucet to select is and why the other types fail to protect you.

When you are looking for a quality pure water dispenser faucet, there are two main types available. The reverse osmosis (RO) systems and activated carbon block.

The EPA only recommends using the carbon block filters and here’s why.

The RO systems fail to remove many of the harmful and small synthetic toxins like pharmaceuticals and pesticides as their filters can only physically remove them. Indeed, many sellers of these systems recommend that you buy an additional carbon filter to improve the removal rate.

There is no need to buy two systems when all you need is an activated carbon block water dispenser faucet!

The carbon filters work by physically and chemically removing the toxins, with the best ones achieving a removal rate of 99% for the main contaminants.

To be really effective, they should use a dual filter process, ion exchange and sub micron filtering. This will leave you with pure healthy water with the essential trace minerals left in. The RO systems leave you with demineralized water which is not good for your health.

Next you can choose whether you want a counter top or under counter model and the flow rate is important here. A good system can deliver up to 30 gallons an hour as any less and you will find yourself getting frustrated waiting around all the time as it trickles out.

The best ones can work out to less than 10c gallon or around $8 a month for an unlimited supply of healthy and safe water.

You can check out the suppliers Performance Data Sheet on their website to see exactly what their systems remove. If you can’t find one then it is a sign they would rather you didn’t know and these are best avoided.

It is essential they can remove 99% of the main contaminants like lead, chlorine, VOC’s, Cysts and THM’s to protect your health.

As you can see, once you know what to look for you can confidently select an effective water dispenser faucet for your home that fully protects the health and well-being of your family from all the present and future contaminants that get into the supply.

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By lucille