When putting up bandit signs, you want to angle your bandit sign in as convenient place as possible. If you can, do it near a red light, or on or off intersections of highways where people are slowing down. If they want to they would even have the option to pull their car over and write the phone number down. That’s a great way to do it. Anywhere they have to slow down.
If you’re in a city make sure you can put them on telephone poles. What you might want to do at that point is put them fairly high. The higher you put them up the better. If you keep them high enough maybe it keeps them away from kids who might find it funny to rip it off and that kind of thing.
I’ve had people put it seven or eight feet high. They will drive their car to it and stand on the hood of their car to get it up fairly high – even 10 or 12 feet – to get it away from people potentially ripping it off and things like that. That’s one of the things that you can do.
Beware of Ordinances
One of the important things we need to talk about is city ordinances or borough or township ordinances. Many ordinances forbid signs. You have a couple of options.
One is to not put them out, and that’s fine. Two, you can decide to put them out and find out what they permit. It might be you need a sign permit maybe for $30 or $50 – whatever it is. You go down to your local township and pay the $30 and then you’re in complete compliance.
Most of the townships are looking for ways to generate some extra revenue and that’s what they do. Once you’ve filled out the appropriate paperwork and paid the fee you’re fine. If that’s the case, then spend the extra $30 and do that.
Some townships simply won’t allow it. The only people that are allowed to do it are the politicians and things like that. In that case you have a couple of options. You can not do it or you can do it – in which case what you can do is put them out on a Friday afternoon, pay somebody to do that, and you would take them in on Sunday afternoon or evening. They’d be out there for the weekend. Most of the township people are not going to be working over the weekends. That’s a way to avoid some issues there.
That option is a little bit more labor intensive. In certain areas and certain townships, if that’s the only option then that’s what you need to go with.

By lucille