Many of us dread the winter months due to the cold and snow. Although you can’t change the climate, you can make your house a little more winter time friendly. Adding a few creature comforts inside and out can help you fight off the winter blues.

Keep Your Car Accessible

One of the most frustrating things about the winter weather is how it inhibits your ability to jump in the car and go. Snow and ice makes brushing and scraping an endless job. The addition of a heated garage is the perfect solution. Your car will be waiting for you without any obstacles in your way. Of course this can be an expensive solution. Unheated garages are still a big help, but this still doesn’t come cheap. Car ports are a less expensive option that still greatly helps. These can be found at local home improvement stores as well as on line from businesses like New Deal Metal Buildings.

Clear the Walkways

Even going to get the mail can be treacherous during the snowy season. Ice builds up and can cause serious injuries. Heated sidewalks eliminate the risk of falling. This is an excellent solution, but not everyone has room in their budget for this type of walkway. A good old fashioned shovel and bag of salt will do the trick. Simply make sure you tackle the snow before it piles up to deeply. You can also hire someone to take care of the drive and walks. Check with local plow companies as well as teens in the neighborhood that would enjoy the extra income.

Stay Warm

Not all of the winter time complaints focus on going out. Many of us simply cannot tolerate the cold temperatures. As the thermometer drops, it can become harder to keep the indoors warm. Along with adding extra throws to the living room décor, you can invest in a room size heater. Today’s models include many safety features, and they look attractive. Most are housed inside of a fireplace surround, and they offer realistic looking flames for added effect.

Once you have a few of these winter friendly features added to your home you will find the long cold months much more tolerable. The time and money you invest in this project will pay off in your comfort and peace of mind.

By lucille