Save Time Using Laundry Machines by Pretreating Harsh Stains

Laundry machines for business facilities can get rid of stains that ruin clothing. Commercial laundry units and residential laundry appliances are not the same. Washers that are designed for commercial use are more powerful and efficient because they must effectively clean garments for many consumers on a regular basis. As a result, in a typical laundry facility, multiple washers are usually running at once. If you don’t want to waste time rewashing your clothing to get them clean, you must take proper steps to pretreat harsh stains.

Eliminate the Excess Residue

Some stains can leave a residue on clothing. If a residue dries before a garment is placed in a washer, it may not dissolve easily in water. When excess residue is removed, a detergent doesn’t have to work harder in order to loosen soil or dissolve a stain on a garment.

You can use a fork, brush, and paper towel to get rid of excess residue on a garment. Juice stains that have a bright color should be treated immediately. Most food stains can be treated after they have dried because dried stains have a brittle consistency that chips away with ease.

Implement Treatment Procedures That Suit the Stain’s Characteristics

Because there are different types of stains, specific treatment steps must be taken to effectively remove and dissolve certain substances. The following strategies can help you treat the most common stains:

  • Enzymatic: For this stain, pour your favorite liquid detergent on the top of the affected area. Then, gradually rub the material together until the stain fades.
  • Grease: A grease stain can be treated in warm water with a laundry detergent. If a grease stain isn’t too severe, you can treat it in water with a dish detergent.
  • Dirt: Dirt dissolves easily when it soaked in cold water. If soap is needed, a liquid cleanser can provide the best results.
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After the treatment phase is over, you can wash the clothing at the laundromat. If you always pretreat stains, you’ll never have to wash your clothes multiple times to destroy tough stains.