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Some Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Although there are plenty of ways you could invest your money, real estate investing has certain benefits. Real estate can actually offer you several different ways to make a good return on your investment.
If you buy a home, you can turn it into a rental property and make money while your investment increases in value. This will provide you with a good income, and essentially your renter will be paying for your property.
For the most part, real estate tends to appreciate in value, sometimes substantially. Even if prices temporary dip because of other economic factors, it’s almost a sure bet that eventually the value of your home will appreciate over time.
Spending relatively small amounts of money on home improvements can sometimes substantially increase the value of your property. This can be some of the easiest and fastest money you can make.
Even if prices go up because …

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Four Benefits to Investing in Income Property

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to diversify any investment portfolio. There are four major benefits when investing in income property. And over time, each of these benefits become more and more valuable. We’ll cover how each aspect can reap great rewards for your real estate investment.
Capital Appreciation
Capital appreciation is the increase in value from the price of the real estate increasing. In other words, as the property rises in value your investment value also rises. Add to that increase the effect of leverage and real estate can offer large returns. For example, suppose you purchase an apartment building for $500,000 and take out a loan for $400,000. Now, assume that in five years the value of the apartment increased by $100,000 to $600,000. The capital appreciation on your investment is $100,000. The return is $100,000, which equates to a 20% increase in value. However, the …