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Open House

Throwing A High College Graduation Open House

Certainly, given that this is a direct sales company you have got to get in front of individuals! After all, we did not do these factors when I was graduating, so I may possibly subconsciously be producing the party I never ever had (cue the violins). I have added the partition, but it is not permanent and could easily be removed to make the home into just the two rooms upstairs and downstairs. First, I go over the Pros of holding an Open House in common, and then if you do it oneself. George Oliphant, Host George Oliphant is an Emmy-award winning host of George To The Rescue and correspondent on Open House. Final year we had nasty flu for the vacation, so I produced a sign saying we weren’t handing out candy or germs.

The very best way to sell your residence is to have a magic geni wave …