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Alaska Real Estate

Su Valley Genuine Estate

Offering Anchorage Alaska Residence Buyers the data and guidance they want to make strong genuine estate decisions. So regardless of whether you happen to be new to the Anchorage real estate industry or have lived here your entire life and just need some guidance, Genuine Estate Brokers of Alaska is right here to help you. Royse and Associates’ Actual Estate PreLicensing meets the Alaska Real Estate Commission’s specifications for true estate licensing in Alaska. Only at the $500,000 cost level and beyond is there an adequate provide of homes for sale.

Why use a national flat fee MLS listing service, when you can deal directly with a regional actual estate broker that provides customized flat charge Alaska MLS listing solutions. The market absorbed inventory, and by the finish of December there was only a little over 3 months’ provide of homes for sale. Very good Luck and don’t forget hold …