What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a beauty surgery performed on the body to remove fats from different parts.  It is also referred to as lipoplasty which means modeling of fat or just lipo.

Normally, the parts of the body that accumulate fats are always known. These parts are usually around the neck, hands, thighs, hips, butts, and around the belly. In some cases, fats may accumulate at the back too.

The fats that are removed by liposuction are normally dead and when they are removed, the shape of your body always improves a great deal.

In most cases  it is a good choice for people suffering obesity (excess body weight resulting from accumulation of dead fats ) and still it can be an option for those who want to improve  the shape of their body like the models, this always help the to fit into particular clothing of fashion.

People who want to undergo liposuction should not be afraid of pain as there is always a painkiller that will be administered to them by the doctors depending on the amount of fats to be extracted or the kind of liposuction.

Before the start of liposuction, the patient is always given these painkillers, or they may be put to sleep if they are too fearful.

After the anesthesia has started working on the body i.e. when the patient is asleep and will feel no pain, the doctor or rather the surgeon starts making tiny cuts on the parts that liposuction is to be performed.

These tiny cuts are where the devices for suction effect , like the tubes,  are put in. The suction device is connected to big syringes or pumps which then suck the fats out. The process might take longer or shorter time depending on the amount of fat to be extracted.

However there are always factors to be considered depending on the amount of fat that a patient wants to be extracted from his or her body. These factors which limit the quantity of fat that can be successfully extracted in one operation are always discussed by the doctor and the patient.

This is due to the fact that there are some negative effects that might occur on the suctioned parts should too much fats be removed. Such negative effects which are mainly based on appearance are like formation of unusual dents. Hence, one should note that too much extraction of fats exposes one to great risks.

Short history of liposuction

Liposuction started like five decades ago when surgeons were trying to implement it while at work.

These surgeons were trying to employ unusual methods of removal of fats that were overlooked at in that time. This method (liposuction) gave them unstable results.

Years later, some two gynecologists improved it through the invention of blunt tunneling under the skin while yet another gynecologist came up with incision method.

Both these methods were followed by compression.  These methods improve day by day and are now used to extract fat after turning it into liquid form using some heat energy.

Its gradual improvement today has made it possible for more fat to be removed with minimal loss of blood or pain.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Before one decides to undergo a liposuction surgery there are always some important issues he or she needs to know.

To begin with the first step towards liposuction is always a consultation with the doctor.

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In your consultation with the doctor, it is always good to be open and ask everything that you may want to know about liposuction.

Some of the most important issues that one needs to discuss with surgeon during this time is why he/she wants to undergo liposuction, the type of liposuction he/she wants, the cost of the whole process and most importantly the risks or problem one is likely to face during this process.

After which if you accept to undergo the process the surgeon will instruct or guide you on the ways of getting yourself ready for it.

These instructions may be followed to the fullest to avoid foreseen risks from happening and some of the may be adhered to for quite a while to prepare your body for the process.

Such instruction like staying away from alcohol or some vitamins must be clearly followed for the period of time scheduled by the surgeon.

Other guidelines the surgeon may advise you on are dietary based which will help strengthen your tissues before the process.

Moreover, one should not also forget to inform his/her surgeon concerning allergies they have or any form of medication they are undergoing including herbal medication.

All this information is needed by the surgeon to ensure that during the surgery you will be safe.  Now let’s look at the procedure of the whole process

The procedure of liposuction

There are different types of liposuction, but there are always some procedures that are common on how liposuction is performed.

Irrespective of the type, it is always recommended that any type is carried out in a relevant place like surgery center. Usually, if the amount of fat to be extracted is small, it may be done and the patients return home; however, if the fat to be extracted is more the procedure will be done, but the patient will be advised to remain in the hospital for examination until the day he/she will be discharged

Normally, to avoid pain during the process, the patient is given some painkillers or anesthetic that sends him or her to deep sleep. The amount of anesthetic administered into you will depend on the amount of fat to be removed or the duration of time you are required dead asleep.

After anesthesia has started working, the surgeon will start by making small incision on the part or parts operation is to be performed, suction devices are then inserted into the slits. The suction devices suck out the fat with the help of big syringes or suction pumps. The time taken for the whole process normally depends on the quantity of fat to be removed.

In some cases,  an ultrasonic energy may be needed to turn the fat into liquid fast before it is removed.  A saline solution, which is a type of anesthetic may be injected to the specified areas first before fat removal.

This solution is easy for fat removal.

Which Body Parts Can You Get Liposuction On?

As far as liposuction is a solution to losing excess fat in the body, it cannot be performed on everyone. This means that not everybody qualifies to undergo this operation.

In order for one to be considered qualified for this operation, normally he/she must be over eighteen years old with good health condition and must be on a good diet and doing enough exercise.

This means that the surgery is not advisable for anyone below the age of 18. Older people have skins that are less elastic that prevent the formation of immediate dents as the healing process starts.

Moreover, there are some diseases that may not give someone the opportunity to undergo the procedure.

What we know is that liposuction is for slimming different parts of the body by removing excess fat leaving the body with a nice shape. It is however not meant for weight loss.

The question that one may ask himself/herself is whether it be performed on all parts of the body or rather which parts of the body can be treated with liposuction.

As usual, this surgery can be done on various parts of the body ranging from head to toe so long as the patient qualifies to undergo the process.

Some of the parts that liposuction may be done on are like the chin; especially around the neck. Usually fat may accumulate at this part of the body making one to look as if he/she got two chins (double chin).

Excessive weight is what is normally known to be the cause of this since it is hard to find a person with standard weight having fat accumulated at this specific area.

Liposuction is considered as a solution to this problem however it will not make the skin around that place tight after removal of excess fat.

The other part that it can be done on is the male chest; if you are keen, you must have realized that there are some males who have enlarged chest making them look like more often like breast.

Liposuction is still considered a solution to this.

This is a problem that always comes when fat accumulates around the chest. It is usually common among those using certain hard drugs like that or can result due to obesity or improper balance of hormones. Liposuction can be employed to remove these tissues.

Some extra large female breast can also be treated with this surgery. The number of females can be treated by liposuction is usually limited, and a good result is achieved when the breast does not remain sagging after the operation.

Also, liposuction can be used to remove excess fat on the back. The fat on the back can sometimes be too much that they can come out when a tight bra is worn. For cases where the skin is not so loose, liposuction can be applied to remove the excess fat.

Another area where liposuction can be done on is around the abdomen. Usually, the abdomen can accumulate fat that are neither affected by good diet or exercise. Liposuction can only be done to abdomens that have accumulated fat on the outside otherwise if the fats are to the inside then liposuction cannot apply.

Moreover, liposuction can still be done on the belly. It is good to know that accumulated fat does not always occupy the whole abdomen.

Usually, there are some excess fat that accumulate at the lower belly.  This normally occurs to people of standard weight.

People that have this problem could be helped by liposuction.

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How To Prepare For Liposuction

Always when one wants to undergo liposuction, it is always good to first consult with a surgeon.

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A visit to the doctor will help you know a lot concerning the surgery. After a consultation with a doctor is when one will know if she or he is suited for liposuction; they then can make the choice from there whether to undergo it or not.

What one should do or expect one day out to the procedure

There are a couple of things one is always recommended to go through by his or her surgeon on a day to liposuction.

These things which one is always advised to do are always important as they will ensure that they are enough prepared and thus determined for the best outcome.

To begin with, the best thing that one should do on a day to liposuction is to have enough rest.

The best way of having enough rest is by staying at home. One should, however,  not think that this exempts them from doing some minor chores and just staying on their bed the whole day.

It is advisable that during this time one takes a walk for sometimes; maybe perform some small domestic chores like washing dishes etc.

The purpose of this rest and taking a small walk is all for the purpose of keeping enough blood circulation all over your body making it get prepared for the surgery.

Secondly when it comes to considering you body cleanliness on that day one is advised not to apply lotions on the skin more so on the areas targeted. This is for the purpose of keeping the body free from chemicals that can cause interference during the process. However there is no problem in treating your hair and brushing your teeth.

Still related to this for the purpose of avoiding stomach upset during anesthesia, one is advised not to take anything; either food or any drink past midnight.

The adequate rest on the day prior to your surgery should be followed by enough sleep during the night. Ensure you sleep well as usual. This is because the surgery is not going to be easy on you  hence you will need to have rested enough in order to avoid stress that are either physically or emotionally generated during the procedure.

Moreover, the clothes that one put on before and after liposuction matters a lot. Patients are advised to avoid tight clothes.

They should wear clothes that are comfortable and not squeezing their body in any manner after and before. This should go hand in hand with planning for their transport to the hospital.

It is good to avoid the public means of transport since this may tamper with their mood before they reach the hospital and once the mood is tampered with obviously the stress comes in.

Before you go for the surgery, ensure that you have left all your responsibilities attended to.

You need to be open with the people around you; like your family and friends or relatives. Don’t hide this matter to them; instead, keep them informed about your visit to surgeon.

Informing them about this will avoid unnecessary calls that will interfere with you and will make them not worry at all when your phone is off.

This will also keep people away from unexpected visits at the time one recovering since they know what they are going through.

The Cost Of Liposuction

To give a rough estimate of the cost of liposuction, one first needs to understand the meaning of liposuction itself and the equipment, people, medicines involved.

Liposuction is a beauty surgery normally done on various parts of the body that have accumulated excess fat to suck out such unwanted fats.This usually leaves the patient’s body in good shape apart from a remarkable weight loss.

It is majorly done to remove the sick fats that are neither affected by vigorous exercise or the daily diet that someone has put in place. Sometimes, it may be referred to as lipoplasty.

In the world today, this surgery has been amongst the top costly surgeries for years now. The cost of liposuction is however not a fixed, but varies from country to country depending on various factors.

Basically the factors that determine the cost of this procedure are normally based on the number of parts of the body it is to be performed on, the size of the area it should be performed on, the amount of fats to be removed, the sensitivity of the area it is to be performed on or the skin type of the patient just to mention but a few.

Still on this, its cost may also count on the technique of liposuction that your doctor has employed in the procedure.

Just to give an example relating to the cost as per the number of body parts using Australia as an example of the countries that perform it; if one visits Australia for liposuction he or she will be required to pay an amount ranging between 3000 and 5000 Australian dollars for liposuction performed on only one part of the body; however, the limit of range reduces as the number of body parts increases

It is difficult for a surgeon to state the exact cost of liposuction following the different requirement of each patient. It is therefore hard for one to estimate the rough estimate of the cost of liposuction without asking local surgeons.

Moreover, it may cost a lot of problems to a surgeon if he or she advertised the rough estimate of the cost and this is the reason why it is hard to find any surgeon’s website advertising its full cost.

Therefore, it is advisable for anyone who wants to know the exact cost of liposuction to visit a relevant surgeon.

Nevertheless, what one can know is the components that sum up to the full cost of liposuction.

Generally, the full cost of liposuction is based on quite a number of fees being charged such as: medical fee, cost of hospital, surgeon and his or her deputy’s fee etc but what one has to know is the total fee normally comes as a whole and not broken down into its components and that the cost usually depend on the number of body parts that need to be treated and other factors as stated earlier and the time the whole process takes.

All About Liposuction