Best Kitchen Lighting Options for Your Home

Whether you have a large kitchen with plenty of space for eating and cooking or it’s a little on the smaller side, you still need to find the best type of lighting for that room. Some homes have kitchen spaces with a small nook for eating breakfast in the morning or a larger space in the center that is suitable for entertaining. While you can install a ceiling fan with lights to reduce the temperature in your kitchen, you may want to look at some of the best lighting fixtures and options instead.

Recessed Lighting

A modern option that will look nice in most kitchens is recessed lighting. With recessed lighting, you typically make small holes in your ceiling and insert the fixtures. The fixtures will sit flush with the ceiling panels and allow the light to shine directly down on your prep areas or dining table. These lights usually come in softer and lighter colors like white and cream that won’t detract from the look of your kitchen. You can search for lights in other finishes or colors that blend with a darker or brighter kitchen too.

Track Lighting

Some dislike recessed lights because these fixtures are often fixed and will not move. If you want to tone down the light to create a more intimate feel and direct the beams to where you need more light, you might prefer track lighting. These lights come on a track that you can install on your ceiling with multiple fixtures that hang down. You can adjust the placement and direction of each light to get the exact amount of brightness. Depending on the age of your kitchen and where you want to put those lights, you may need to install a fluorescent starter first.

Pendant Lights

Another fun idea for your kitchen is a pendant light. These lights have some type of cord that hangs down from the ceiling with a pendant supported by that cord and a bulb inside the pendant. You can choose from different materials and finishes like stainless steel, chrome or antique bronze to match the look of your kitchen. While you might use just a single pendant, you may need multiple pendants because of the size of your kitchen. You’ll even find some unique pendant lights made from glass jars and other materials.

The more light that you have in your kitchen, the easier you can see all your ingredients as you cook. Some of the best lights allow you to adjust the amount of brightness available to create the type of feel you prefer. Pendant lights, track lighting and recessed lighting will all work well in your kitchen.