With the fear of getting sick in public on the rise, it is important to ensure that the office- a place where people spend most of their day- is as healthy as possible. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your office healthy and your employees happy.

Provide Healthy Snacks

If you have a shared kitchen or snack area, do your best to provide healthy food options. If fruit sounds boring, try more interesting options like granola, veggie chips, or even nuts covered in dark chocolate for a little indulgence. Your employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness and will be energized throughout the day.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Even though you may have a staff that cleans up after themselves, nothing is as effective as hiring professional office cleaning in Frederick. A cleaning service is able to provide a deep clean that others cannot, and typically uses commercial-grade cleaners that are much stronger than anything that is commonly used to clean and disinfect. Leave this job to the professionals, and your employees won’t have to worry about becoming ill at work.

Encourage Those Who Are Sick to Stay Home

This may seem obvious, but unless you clearly tell employees that they are able to telecommute or stay home when they are ill, they truly may not know that this is a policy. Dedicated employees may feel obligated to come into the office even if they are not feeling their best, but this should absolutely be discouraged. Ensure that everyone knows the company sick policy and understands that if they are under the weather, they are not to come in.

Keeping your workplace healthy can be a challenge. Creating a clean environment is a great start, but it is also imperative to educate employees on policies so that they feel comfortable staying home if needed.

By lucille