5 Tips For the Perfect Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui has been practiced by many people through a span of about 3,000 years. Its main purpose is to bring balance and harmony, as well as beneficial energy, to our living and working environments. This is done by balancing and controlling the chi, which is said to be the forces of everything around us. If we are able to balance all of the positive chi, then our lives would be enhanced, helping us live a happy and healthy life. This art has been practiced by various cultures from around the globe, and has been popularly adopted by the Western world. While feng shui can be applied to all rooms in your home or office, there are certain strategies that are for particular types of rooms. This article focuses on helping you achieve a pleasing feng shui living room.

1) Adjust the space of your room.

Living rooms are considered to be the main and central part of your house. This room should be spacious, so as to let the chi flow more effectively. If your area is small or a little crowded, to have positive feng shui living room flow, you can hang mirrors on your walls to create an impression/illusion of vastness and space. Incidentally, this technique is often used in restaurant seating areas and hotel lobbies.

2) Hang pictures on the walls.

You can hang pictures and paintings related to metal, fire, wood, water, and earth elements. Metal is associated with money; fire with recognition and success; wood with energy growth, fortune and wealth; water with journey, wealth, money, and career; and earth with different kinds of relationships. Attract a positive chi and feng shui living room flow with these pictures.

3) Add a working fireplace.

Generally, fire is associated with success, so to add a fire element in your living room would enhance the flow of positive chi. A working fireplace can also bring warmth and comfort to the living room during winter and rainy days. Consequently, it can enhance the excitement, passion, brightness, and spontaneity of the living room.

4) Add wind chimes.

Wind chimes are used to enhance the protection of the house by warning inhabitants against intruders. They are used to activate the chi and counteract the negative influences in the inhabitants’ lives.

5) Solving the door-facing-another-door problem

If your main door, i.e. living room door, faces another main door of another house, the inhabitants of that house will become quick tempered and easy to quarrel. To prevent this, it is recommended to use a windscreen in front of the house.

By lucille