How to fix cracked walls? This is a problem that often occurs in a house which is certainly very disturbing both in terms of beauty. Including security such as concerns about building collapse.

cracked walls

Causes of Cracked Walls

To find out how to deal with cracked walls, consider the following causes of cracked walls:

Not Strong Building Structure

The structure of the building that does not support the load of the house causes the masonry to bear the burden. The masonry that should only function as a room divider must help the existing building structure.

In maintaining the stability of the house, this is what causes the brick wall to crack due to work beyond its capabilities. The most fatal result is the collapse of the building.

Improper Use of Mixture

For example, the use of cement below the standard requirement, the use of water that does not meet the requirements. Use of sand that contains a lot of silt or with high levels of organic matter.

The comparison of the mixture of masonry material that is not correct can cause the masonry to become porous, crack and even collapse of the building.

How to Overcome Cracked Walls Due to Additional Building Load

Additional load here means that the load given to a house structure exceeds the initial design limit. For example, a house that was originally planned for 1 floor was later increased to 2 floors.

Without structural reinforcement, there will be natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, large winds, floods and the like. additional loads that cannot be supported by the structure can cause the masonry to break.

Plastering or Cement Drying Process Too Fast

The drying process that is too fast can cause cracks in the brick walls, prevention efforts are carried out by watering the plastered or plastered walls after the work is finished.

How to fix cracked walls?

  • Investigate the cause of the brick wall cracking first.
  • The structure is not strong, so the way to overcome it is to first strengthen the structure of the house and then repair it.
  • If the cause is the use of improper materials, then the best solution is to replace the wall with a new pair of good quality material, because repairs at one point can be successful but at another point new problems may also arise.
  • Ordinary cracks, then the way to fix it is to first break the cracked wall, then patch it with a mixture of good material, plaster, plaster, then finish according to the side of the surrounding wall.

Of course prevention is better than cure, efforts to prevent cracked walls start with good structural planning, good implementation and good maintenance.

By lucille